Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jarvis Jones: Will He or Won't He Play?

For some unknown reason, the Jones situation has magically heated up in the last few days. There has been news - of the "No New News" variety, which only rekindled an issue that really isn't an issue until an action takes place on the part of either the NCAA or the athletic department. Why is everyone in such a knot?

I can't explain this fully. Chip Towers was the first to jump in the "No New News News" camp with his article in today's AJC. It's Chip's job to prod McGarity and Grantham about this, but it's really not going anywhere fast. The comments by Greg seem to indicate what I've been hearing on the issue, not the "He's eligible for now... but not for long" thought I extrapolated from the first sentence of the piece. Here's an excerpt from Towers' article in the Atlanta paper:

“That has not happened and we’re really not even sure yet if that has to happen,” Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity said on Monday. “We’re still looking into it.”

“I would say that we’re doing our due diligence internally to sort through everything,” McGarity said. “At some point in time we’ll have some sort of communication with the SEC and the NCAA on the entire situation. So much of this right now is verbal. We’re obviously having conversations, but there’s nothing to report right now.”

From what I'm hearing, despite the doom and gloom from a few media outlets, Jarvis will be playing come September 3rd. UGA has contacted the NCAA about the issues and has yet to receive comment, as the above statement reflects. If you'll remember Jarvis' legal guardian, Shelley Stephens, is a Parks and Recreation employee of over 10 years (which is where all of this started) and used the "company" credit card to pay for flights for Jarvis to and from LA.

Yes, this is obviously not a smart idea and is not legal by NCAA standards, but did Jarvis himself directly benefit from this and was his amateur status jeopardized by something he probably didn't know about? "But I didn't know anything about how my "mama" paid for that stuff," seems to be an easily defendable position to me. And the likely one.

This issue is also curious to me because no one is talking about the phone bill that Kentavious' mom had paid from the account. If Jarvis is going to miss time, wouldn't KCP be likely to as well? He's probably of the same value to the hoops team as JJ is to the football team, but Chuck and Chernoff aren't talking a lick about him. Hmmm, neither is Chip.

Let's not overreact until there are some actual findings and rulings by the parties concerned. Heck, that could be two weeks into the season if past experience is any indication. Well, in that case, feel free to OVERREACT !@>!*%!!!


  1. Seth Emerson is saying Jones will likely miss 2-4 weeks. NCAA was embarrassed by the Reggie Bush thing and will crack down on anything even close. I'd lean towards the 2 week suspension, seems very minor, and after last season's AJ Green 4 week suspension, might seem the NCAA is nit picking on Georgia every year.

  2. If the rules actually mean anything, he won't miss any games. He had a pre-existing relationship with Tony Adams (AAU coach) long before he started playing AAU ball. Adams was friends of family before Jarvis was in middle school.

  3. Why did it take so long for the city to find this on audit? It was two years old when found and our Fball and Bball programs take the hits?
    Why wasn't it found the year he flew to USC? I smell a rat in the delay.

    Like someone doesn't like them going to UGA?

  4. Hope he plays not only in game one on 9-3 but in all of them.

    As General Lee said to Jeb Stuart in "Gettysburg" "Lord knows we need every man."