Monday, July 11, 2011

In-Depth Analysis: More on Caleb

Let's get a few things straight here, I don't know Caleb King and I don't know what type of kid he is. If you're surprised at how things turned out, I really don't understand your logic, other than the fact that you believe explicitly what comes out of the mouth of our head coach. That's an issue I'll take up later in this post, which is kind of curious. Secondly, if you read this blog with any regularity, you'd have already been aware that the tenuous situation Caleb was in gave him virtually no room for error. I'll also explain that in a second.

But now I need to let you know what I think.

I really don't understand why in the heck people seem to think the world is ending now that we're down one guy. Was Caleb really going to be the difference this year? For that matter, is any one person going to be the difference? Save Aaron, I don't think anyone will have that kind of an impact. Were you really betting the Dawgs' season on the success or failure of a guy who's never really fully caught on in Athens? I sure wasn't.

If you're also upset and terrified at how our season is going to turn out, what led you to believe that things would improve so vastly in the first place? Wait a tick, I know - you listened to Buck and Kincaid, didn't you? You went and drank the Buck kool-aid. Well, this is a kool-aid free zone.

Ok, now to some non-venting actual facts...

This is an extended exerpt from our Hair of the Dawg feature ALMOST 8 MONTHS AGO. It's still relevant to the situation at hand (which is why this whole situation really doesn't surprise me), and it's also still relevant to my feelings about the situation. Here's THE LINK if you would like to view the whole article. This would be the ANALYSIS portion of the post, so pay close attention.

***Just so you're aware of the gravity of this situation, Caleb and the mystery man have also placed themselves in a tenuous position for next year's season. In order to participate in the bowl, a player has to have received a minimum of 6 hours of credit in the semester. Here are the full requirements, per Georgiadogs:

  • Must have earned at least 24 credit hours during previous year with at least 18 earned during the regular academic year
  • Must have earned at least 18 earned during the previous regular academic year. 
  • Must have earned six hours during the previous spring semester to be eligible for competition during the fall semester.
  • Must have earned six hours during the fall semester to be eligible for competition during the spring semester.
  • Must have declared major; cumulative GPA requirement of 1.9 each semester.
  • 40% of degree must be completed.

These players didn't complete those six hours, which probably means they passed one class and will have three hours credit. This means they'll need at least 15 next semester and then 6 during May/Summer to make 24, or they will be ineligible next year. 

I can't tell you how fed up I am with this junk. Caleb has been arrested twice and we're still hearing bad news out of him. At some point, you'd figure that a guy would realize what gifts he's been given and try to make the most of them. No such luck.

With all of the tutors, study halls, note takers, and fluff classes that are available to athletes, with a little work, a degree is very attainable to every single kid who walks through the doors. Discipline and grade issues arise directly from a lack of respect for those around you. When evaluating a decision, or series of decisions, do some of these guys every think, "You know, if I do this people are really going to be disappointed in me. And I've already been down that road a few times. Maybe I should do the right thing like study." With the news of this, I'm not overly optimistic on our hopes for an improved offseason in the discipline area.***

I ended up being wrong about the discipline issues, as of now. The mystery man referenced above ended up being freshman defensive back Derek Owens. If I was a betting man, I'd estimate that he is also the other guy in question as far as eligibility is concerned. I don't know that to be the case, but it wouldn't surprise me given the others that were question marks in December. AJ Harmon also had these same concerns circling his head a few months ago and you see where he is now, don't you?

As for the part in which I referred to Richt's initial comments on Caleb's academic status (King would "be with the team come fall"), there are two possibilities here:
  1. Richt knew and didn't feel it would be wise to divulge the situation and face the poking and prodding.
  2. He knew it would be close and hoped for the best.
While some people are inclined to think 1) is probably the truth, I can't see there being any reason he'd knowingly lie about this. He can't predict the future, although I there is a small probability that they did have some influence over what the grade might end up being(Professor choice, tutor choice, etc.). In all honesty, the coaching staff really isn't doing themselves any favors letting stuff like this keep happening. It's really not their fault, I GUESS, but it doesn't do any good for their PR at the least. Richt's another guy with a razor thin margin of error, so casualties of any kind aren't doing him any good. Well that and scratches in the loss column.

Making the grades to stay eligible isn't that hard. It's the biggest part you have to understand when you sign that LOI. It's really simple. There's likely going to be more bad news this week, but that doesn't mean the world is ending. So please, don't act like it... unless of course it's another o-line loss. Then we're really EFFED.


  1. I don't disagree with you one bit...why do you say to expect more bad news this week? In what area do you feel this news will come? Just wondering...I think Elder's supposed to announce today if I'm not mistaken. Hope that may be a ray of sunshine, and there's DawgNight this weekend...hopefully more good news!

    Calab was going to be a big part of our team, and loosing him does hurt...but as Coach Richt's an opportunity for another back to step up, and we need someone to do it!

    GO DAWGS!!

  2. I could be wrong but anon I think he means that the way things are going we could always get more bad news. Maybe im wrong. I don't think he actually meant there's more coming. And caleb did this to himself. He had every opportunity to better the grades and get the work done. This is all on him. As far as what we lose?? Well there are difference of oppinions on what we lose as a football player. But we did lose someone to walk Isaiah thru pass protection and game time experience. That hurts alot more than the actuall yardage we lose from him.
    As far as derek Owens is concerned I don't believe he is in any academic trouble. I think(been way wrong before) that he was named to the honor society or deans list or something of that nature. So I don't think he's in any academic trouble as far as grades go.

  3. The chance we will suffer more bad news between now and gametime is HUGE no matter when it happens. We haven't even started Fall Practice where we always get injuries. It happens to all teams. Accept it.

    As Dawgs we need to find the supportive issues to get us to the first game and wish for the best. The team needs us to keep a stiff upper lip and help them through all of this.

    Practices can't start soon enough. Sic'em Dawgs!!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I'm glad I'm not an idiot high school negative nancy like Dawgola.

    HA!!! LOL...

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