Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hoopniks Ranks 2011 SEC Hoops Classes

If you haven't seen the new site Hoopniks on the interwebs, it's a good place to check out prep basketball recruiting and get some info that you might not find elsewhere. Yesterday's featured article was on how the SEC classes of 2011 shaped up versus one another.

I know you won't be surprised to see that Kentucky was on top. With a class made up of 4 5-stars, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one. The second ranked class was one that folks might not realize though, as Arkansas, new coach and all, took home the silver medal. New Hogs coach Mike Anderson (formerly of Mizzou) will have a lot of weapons to play with, and if they don't win, or at least challenge Bama, in the West next year, I'll be extremely surprised.

The Dawgs had a nice mention and came in at No. 6, right behind Florida. I'd really like to know what big man they're talking about, but you have to figure that it probably is Tim Dixon, though I think the staff will throw JUCO C John Florveus directly into the starting lineup day 1, as you don't take junior college guys who have two years to play to rack up bench minutes.

Georgia, assuming gem Kentavious Caldwell-Pope gets past his current NCAA controversy, should have a star in waiting. They also signed four bigs, and one or more could turn into solid SEC post players.

Some other notables rankings were Bama at 3, Vandy at 8, and Tennessee at 11. KCP was also listed as a "Newcomer of the Year" along will Beal at UF, Teague and Davis at UK, and Johnny O'Bryant at LSU.

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