Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hedge Talk: H2H Podcast Episode 3

In this episode, we discuss the following topics in the 3rd Edition of Hedge Talk:

-New Dawgs' Hoops commitment
-Key fall practice dates
-Jarvis Jones Eligibility update
-UGA's Over/Under Wins total

-Terrell Pryor
-An assortment of other SEC players' off-season troubles

-Weekend Movie Box office numbers
-Amy Whinehouse's death
-Awesome NASCAR prayer

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  1. Jarvis Jones
    Kent Turene
    Chris Mayes
    Devin Bowman
    Trinton Sturdivant
    Carlton Thomas
    Brent Benedict
    AJ Harmon
    Caleb King
    Washaun Ealey
    Deion Bonner
    Nick Williams
    Marcus Dowtin
    Justin Houston
    Zach Mettenberger
    Montez Robinson
    Jalen Fields
    Jeremy Longo
    Logan Gray
    Jonathan Owens
    Ben Harden
    Chris Little
    Tanner Strickland
    Lonnie Outlaw
    Dontavius Jackson

    Brandon Burrows
    Austin Long
    Dallas Lee
    Chris Burnette
    John Bodin
    Chris Young
    Justin Anderson
    Dexter Morant
    TJ Strickling
    Derek Owens
    Derrick Lott