Wednesday, July 27, 2011

***H2H EXCLUSIVE***: Connor Jones Pledges to Perno's Diamond Dawgs

Head UGA baseball coach David Perno is having a very good week on the recruiting front, as's Will Garlick made public Thomas Rogers early commitment to the Dawgs. He's a 2013 LHP out of Burke Virginia.

Thomas isn't the only young man who's adding his name to the Diamond Dawgs Class of 2013.

Connor Jones, a 6'2, 185-pund lefty out of John's Creek High School made Coach Perno's commitment list a little longer after making his college destination known to Hedges late yesterday.

"I really like Georgia and I've been to Athens since I was like five or six. I'm really familiar with campus and it's kinda like home - it's only 45-minutes to an hour from here," said the southpaw. " It's where I've always wanted to go. It's where both my parents went and I'm really looking forward to SEC baseball. It's the best conference in America."

Even though Jones is a little less than two years from graduating, he already has good command of three pitches and is really working hard to stress that part of his game with all three. 

"I have a good fastball and pretty good curveball. I mean, I can get it working pretty good and it's nasty... and a good changeup. I'm a hard worker and I really love baseball."

After asking him some of the finer points of the pitches he possesses, Jones was quick to say that he needed to work on things as well before he made his way up from the suburbs of Atlanta.

"I'd say really need to work on developing command of all three pitches and locating them well and not worrying about velocity."

So what can the folks at Foley expect from Jones and what pitch would he most like to be at his disposal at any time?

"I think I'm a little like John Lester. People tell me that my motion looks a lot like his. ...If I could have one pitch from one pitcher ever - Johann Santana's changeup, best offspeed pitch you can have."

Finally what turned the tide in the favor of coach Perno?

"Coach Perno is a great coach. I got to know the enitre coaching staff well and we really jelled and clicked."

Oh yeah, and his favorite color is red. "That's an easy one," said Jones.

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  1. I'm not a Perno basher, but it seems a big part of the reason UGA has struggled recently is because he gets commits from guys who ultimately get drafted high and skip college all together. These two kids could both easily fall into that category as well. I don't have any real answers, but it seems this is happening to
    UGA more than our SEC East rivals.