Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dawgs Grab Another 2012 Commit on the OL

Brown (left) and Theus (right). The two newest 2012 Dawgs.

Chester Brown, a 6'5, 330-lb. offensive tackle out of Bradwell Institute in Hinesville committed to the Dawgs last afternoon. He attended last weekend's Dawg Night and obviously had a very, very good time. Here are some comments from the story by Jamie Newberg on Brown's commitment:

I love the people at Georgia. The coaches, the people and the hospitality are just amazing. I felt like I was at home. Georgia was different. The people are friendly and spiritual. It was amazing. This is great.

From the football side I like the offense they run. I feel like I can come in and start off the bat. I think I bring something to the table to help out UGA and help them try and win the national championship. I bring hard work, dedication and can become a leader of that football team.

I feel like a lot of weight is off my shoulder. Since my freshman year my parents prayed every day that I would get a scholarship. I worked hard and it happened. I got a full ride to Georgia and I took it.

Like we said on the podcast Tuesday, we fully expected Chester to jump on the scholarship offer and be the Dawg's next commitment for 2012. Turns out we're 1 for 1 on the predictions side of the podcast. You should really take a listen if you haven't - it's a good way to spend an hour and fifteen minutes. In fact, find the AUDIO BELOW.

You'll also notice in the audio our affection for Chester, as we now have a Samoan on the team, but our general disappointment in the fact that he doesn't have a Samoan name. I'll bet my bile duct that there's another name with "a lot of U's and I's" that we haven't heard yet. I'll be waiting ever so patiently on this knowledge to drop.

As far as Brown's prospects, he only started playing football in his 9th grade year, so there's a lot of untapped potential there. I'd expect a 3-star rating, as he's a little bit of an unknown at this point. For those out there who care about the star ratings, there you go. Based on his comments to Jamie Newberg above, I could care less if he had negative stars.

Welcome to the Dawg Nation, Mr. Brown. Glad to have you.

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  1. His birth name is actually Keka Alofa Brown. Which is Awesome! Why he doesn't use it...I don't know.