Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dawg Night Spotlight: Stanley Williams

In light of the recent developments on the recruiting front, DT and I thought said developments needed some coverage in a series post format. Just in case you missed our first installment of Dawg Night Spotlight, look no further than here, which features 2012 OT John Theus. He's a redheaded mountain of a man, which automatically makes him more sinister and cooler than any of our prior commits.

Today's commit du jour is 2014 running back, Stanley Williams. I know there's a lot of fun being had by rivals here because of the sheer ridiculousness of having a 15-year old commit to play football for you in three years, but hey, everyone else is doin' it. Just ask Tennessee, who successfully landed the commitment of Eric Berry's younger brother, while still in the eighth grade. This was, of course, the brainchild of Nobel laureate and head coach extraordinaire, Lane Kiffin.

At any rate, I find it funny that the first highlight reel I found pertaining to Stanley came from his pee wee 12 year old team. If that's not ironic, you obviously have a recruitnik problem. This is a serious issue often recognizable by the sizable portion of time spent mulling over how awesome a 10th grader looks at either avoiding or making tackles. Seriously, some people do obsess over stars when stats get you those, not hard work, determination, respect, and heart. I don't want to hash this out again, but suffice to say, you probably catch my drift.

Coming down off the soap box, Williams looks like he'd be a welcomed addition to our watering trough of running backs. There's really not enough on the team that are eligible to participate currently to warrant a stable, so we'll have to make do. The reason for Stanley's offer has a great deal to do with his (reportedly) 4.2 speed and a very good makeup for a change of pace back.

After blazing the 4.2 Williams had this to say about the offer:

"I accepted on the spot," Williams said. "He told me that I was a great player. Stay humble. Keep working hard and just stay focused. He told me that I officially had a scholarship from the Georgia Bulldogs. Right after that I accepted the scholarship and committed." (Dave Hooker - ESPN)

So I guess he really likes Georgia, so much in fact, that he also made his way over to Auburn on Saturday. He didn't participate in camp activites, but he's an impressionable kid with 3 years left in his recruitment. I tend to think that his sticking depends greatly on the future of CMR.

"Boom" is another speed guy who fits in the mold of all the great APB's out there over the past few years. He has the ability to run, catch, and has very good vision for a kid his age. He's eerily similar to current UGA recruit and Millbrook, NC product, Keith Marshall, only he's probably not quite that fast. Size, speed, and abilities are very, very comparable.

In case you haven't seen anything but the pee wee highlights, here are some runs in the Apalachee win over Heritage last season. CUE THE RAP MUSIC!

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