Friday, July 8, 2011

Connor Nolte: First Bristol, Now Hollywood

Connor Nolte, Hoop Dawg and blogophyte alike, gained enough notoriety last year with his blog Passer's Remorse (and his trick shots didn't hurt) to land him an internship at ESPN last summer. Most notably, his trick shot featuring Charles Barkley really sent his stock through the roof. If there's one thing the big four letter likes, it's personable sports figures that already have some commercial marketability.

Seeing as trick shots and Charles Barkley features are all the rage this day in time, the video below really sent Connor's internet chops into the stratosphere...

High enough, in fact, to land him honors as "Video of the Year" on SportsNation's two-year anniversary show this week. Connor may not realize it yet, but he's building one hell of a resume after his basketball days are over. He's a marketing major and he obviously knows his craft pretty well considering the face time he's getting of late. I'm going to channel my inner Miss Cleo here and predict there's a very cushy and lucrative consulting career in his future.

Nolte's original tweet following the honor.
Follow him @ConnorNolte

If you haven't seen the rest of his handywork, there's also a video featuring Coach Fox that made SportsCenter's Top 10. Take a look HERE and you can peruse the videos - I'm sure Connor won't mind the views. 

This also brings me to a very poignant observation. Do you think that the state of the UGA basketball program 5 years ago would promote such an atmosphere? Pretty obvious and refreshing answer...

On a somewhat related note, don't you think ESPN has some former employee nepotism rules in place for these awards?

Ah who cares? It's great to see kids having fun down there now - and getting some love for it. Congrats, Connor!

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