Thursday, July 28, 2011

Butchwhacked: UNC Coach is OUT

I will go ahead and admit that about half the reason I am writing this is so I can use the phrase "Butchwhacked". But it also breeds an interesting query into Butch Davis' firing yesterday: WHY IN THE EFF DIDN'T THEY FIRE HIM AFTER HIS ENTIRE DEFENSE WAS SUSPENDED FOR THE START OF LAST SEASON!?!?!? I mean, did they say, "You know what....I think about a week before fall practice, we're going to bring in a new regime".

In case you haven't been following the UNC situation, the NCAA has been investigating them for about a year now, and have found a bevy of problems. Last season, 14 players were suspended at one point and 7 missed the entire season. The violations ranged from academic fraud to receiving money from an agent runner to one of his assistants giving players cash to paid trips to Miami (the one A.J. was rumored to have attended). And I haven't even mentioned that UNC was only 28-23 during his tenure.

The point is this: all of the problems came out months ago. Why did Carolina wait so long? Now they will have to go "interim" and basically limb through 2011. Way to go.

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