Saturday, July 2, 2011

63 Days: Xzavier Ward

Nice official visit shot here...

Because it's a holiday weekend, I won't mince words. There are 63 days until we meet up with Boise. That just so happens to coincide with the Dawg that wears number 63, Xzavier Ward.

Ward, also known as the "Monster of Moultrie, was a very promising recruit out of high school. He found himself lost in the shuffle a bit and didn't take much of a shine to the Dawgs early. After he blew out his knee out, it just so happened that all the other schools recruiting the former Packer suddenly "filled up" except for Georgia. Conveniently we had a spot and, as they say, the rest is history.

If you want to really know how good this hid is Buck Belue says, "he's the best o-line recruit he's seen in-state over the last five years". I like to file that glowing endorsement into the "Caleb King Will Have a Breakout Senior Season and Give the Dawgs a Real Boost in the Backfield This Season" silly statements file.

Ward weighs about 265 and is recovering from a knee injury, thus I'd say he destined for about two years of seasoning and recovery. He's a guy with priors, so given our recent history along the offensive line with guys in that category, I'll have to wait to see him play for a full season before I make any other prognostication on his future.

I hate to put it that way, but I just don't give anyone with injury history anymore a huge benefit of doubt. Here's to hoping Xzavier shows me I was an idiot for doing that.


Next up: No. ---- You know the drill. No one wears 62.

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