Sunday, July 3, 2011

62 Days: Please Drive Safely

62 days until the reckoning, folks. There isn't a player to preview and it's the 4th of July weekend, so you're gonna get the abriged version today. Enjoy your 4th and we'll be back tomorrow with a bit more detailed countdown post, as there is an acutal person that wears the number.

To say that it will be of the usual length might be stretching it a bit, however. There's a barbeque grill, a pool, big float that's calling my name.


Next up: No. 61, David Andrews


  1. MVD-I know it's a holiday weekend (birthday celebration for the greatest nation ever) and you're thinking of blue water, chilled malt beverages and charred meats but, really, how could you fail to mention why no one wears, or will wear, no. 62? Charlie Trippi is one of the greatest dawgs ever; some say THE greatest. Check out his record. Plus he came back to Athens and was an exemplar citien of the Bulldog Nation. We have 3 more retired numbers ahead-I'll be watching you.

  2. My apologies...

    Had I been thinking and not had visions of pools and cool diet cola-sodas dancing in my head, the obvious UGA lore o' the day would not have been usurped.

    I will not be so foolish to let a thing like that escape me next time.