Monday, July 4, 2011

61 Days: David Andrews

Andrews at Wesleyan...

Happy 4th everyone. I hope you're having fun with family and friends and enjoying all of the things for which we can thank all of the troops out there. Without all of those guys and girls we wouldn't be able to fight and bicker over such petty things as we do.

Today's spotlight is on newly named #61 David Andrews. He's a freshman center out of Norcross. With tomorrow's spotlighter clearly entrenched as the starter, I don't see this kid supplanting anyone on the roster very soon. He's in the mold of a Ben Jones, but he's a yound kid and a redshirt will do him well.

I know that this isn't usually the quality that you countdowners usually see, but as yesterday, I've got A LOT more celebrating to do before this day is over. We'll be back tomorrow full tilt.


Next up: No. 60, Ben Jones

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