Wednesday, July 6, 2011

59 Days: Nathan Theus

Theus doing work in his younger days at Bolles...

Ah football season is in the air... Can't you just smell leather, freshly cut grass, sweat, spilled booze, and the  remnants of last night's 20 piece wing special at KFC laced with vomit? If that doesn't mean football season...

Hold on a tick, yesterday was the day after the Fourth of July, the yard men came over, I ate KFC at some point and subsequently noticed the grease in the bottom-o-the-bucket, threw up, and fell out of my chair writhing in pain which led to my kicking over of some spoiled two day old beer in corner.

I think the leathery smell emanates from the new pair of moccasins I bought in Cherokee after a long night of gambling and leering at old people spending their social security checks. For a minute there I really had myself fooled.


Today's focus is on the number 59. Who wears those hallowed digits you ask? Well, none other than Mr. Snapper himself, Nathan Theus. If you have not experienced the wrath of Theus' snaps, have no fear. As they say, kid's a real Patrick Mannelly clone.

As Dawgola mentioned in a prior episode of the countdown (Ty Frix's piece), long snapper is one of the positions that is both extremely ironic and important at the same time. Does it make sense to have one guy on your team that can long snap, but isn't cut out for anything else? Hell no, but seemingly everyone else has one of these guys.

Take Mannelly for example, he and Olin Kreutz are the longest tenured players on the Bears roster. He also holds the record for most games played as a Bear with 192, breaking Steve Michael's record last season.

***Side note: Mannelly attended Marist High School in Atlanta, was drafted out of Duke, and is married to Tamara John, Tommy John's daughter. In a related story, the country of Tuvalu recognizes Mannelly as the "The Most Interesting Man In The World", not that guy on the Dos Equis commercials.***

Considering Ty Frix is only a sophomore and is more than holding his own in the long snapping game, I don't expect Theus to see the field this year. That and when I saw him at Willy's in Athens, he looked like the most unfootballish football player that I've ever seen (But does it really matter at LS anyway?). There might be a small chance he finds some playing time as I heard one recruiting analyst say "He's the top guy at his position this year. It's basically impossible to block a kick when he snaps it," which is quite possibly the silliest evaluation I've ever heard.

At any rate, he seems like a good kid and I'm sure he'll be a valuable part of the team down the road.


Next up: No. 58, Ben Reynolds AND Sterling Bailey - A Two'fer

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