Thursday, July 7, 2011

58 Days: Ben Reynolds AND Sterling Bailey

WATCH OUT!!! Keep tabs on your hairpiece because today's a twofer here on the countdown. Boise State better make note of this today because, if things keep going like they have, the Broncos will need a scouting report on the two featured players. Today's two featured rosterees are backup guard Ben Reynolds and freshman OLB, Sterling Bailey.

Don't pay attention to the fact that one is a walk-on and the other is a true freshman, we may see them anyway. As a side note, I won't be offended if the Ponies take a look at the forecast below in their advanced scouting. Mis-information is a powerful thing - just ask Joseph Goebbels.

Nazi references aside, these are two of the finest examples of student athletes on campus. If you are having doubts, just check screenshot below (Click it for one of the guys if you can't see it):

From talking with Ben's dad this spring, he seems to think that Ben is one of two Foundation Fellows to ever be on the team. From Richt's comments on Sterling, he's equally a top-notch young kid. Bailey just so happened to show up at the Gainesville Bulldog get-together a few months ago and seems to have a really good family. I'd have to be a pretty nice kid not to choke out some of the kids (and adults) that came over for an autograph or picture.

Notwithstanding my earlier candor, I honestly can't see this tandem of 58's getting many minutes, if any. Bailey especially, as he played through his basketball and football seasons with a torn labrum and then had surgery in March, putting him out of commission for 4-5 months. This could be good or bad - Good because he played through it, but bad because (SURPRISE!!!) we have yet another guy on the roster with priors. 

I don't know if you're familiar with shoulder issues, but, from my experience, they tend to be chronic and recurring. I sure hope his won't be because we need all the OLB's we can get. I have heard some talk of packing some pounds on Sterling and moving him to DE, but after watching him play live in high school, I tend to think he'd be better suited to stay where he is and shape up a bit. 

He'd be a pretty ominous presence at 6'5, 270 and in the words of Lincoln Osiris, "Man, more shredded than a julienne salad, man." 

Reynolds is vastly undersized at around 260 pounds, but is one of those guys who grinds it out on the practice field so that the other guys have competition and so he can sport the uniform and maybe get some playing time at some point in his career. Add to that he's got the academic house in order and you can't ask for much more. 

In summation, Sterling is headed for a redshirt and Reynolds will be one of those guys that 98.4% of the Dawg Nation never know, but bust their tail 7 days a week so we can have a team and look for their hard work to at least pay off a little.


Next up: No. 57, Blair "I Don't Need No Stinking Kicker's Number" Walsh

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