Friday, July 8, 2011

57 Days: Blair Walsh

Mimbs with the hold...

It's 57 days until 2 days after football season officially begins. What does that mean? Well, it's also 57 days until I barnstorm the Georgia Dome along with 106 of my best friends clad in Red and Black, or one day more than 8 weeks til the Boise ball drops - to the turf and goes for six for the good guys. I could spend all day doing this, but there's a player to preview and I'd probably get tired of typing far before the day was done.

So who's the lucky party today? Well, none other than Florida native (and Heintz product aficionado), Blair Walsh.

If you haven't noticed in the three years that Blair has been kicking, 57 is a pretty strange number for a kicker. Come to think of it, we also put kickers in 90's numbers, which is dually awkward. In honor of this weird number choosing, let's take a look at other players in sports who have chosen a number that seems to be out of place.

  • #37 - Ron Artest (Lakers): Artest chose 37 because that's the number of weeks Thriller was at #1 on the Billboard charts. Genius...
  • #85 - Lastings Milledge: Lastings wore the number because... that was the year of his birth. Real creative kiddo. Couldn't you come up with something like Ron?
  • #73 - Dennis Rodman (Lakers): Have no idea why he wore this one or, for that matter, the #70 he also wore right before he switched to 73.
  • #72 - Carlton Fisk: A pitcher held his #27 when he went to the White Sox, so he just reversed it to 72. Ten days after doing so the pitcher was traded, but Fisk kept the number anyway. Both numbers were retired, respectively, by the Red Sox and White Sox.
  • Any defensive player that isn't a DB that wears a single digit in college: Can't wait to see John Jenkins at a svelt 350 in that #6.

There isn't much to forecast here. Walsh is one of the best kickers in the college game. He's on pretty much every watch list that relates to kicking. According to, Walsh is considered as the best pro prospect at his position next year.

Pretty much Blair's high school highlight tape wasn't imaginary. He's good, enough said.

Now watch him miss three clutch ones that will be the difference in an SEC Championship game appearance and the Cap One Bowl.

Oh well, GATA anyway...

Next up: No. 56, Garrison Smith

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