Sunday, July 10, 2011

55 Days: FREE DAY!

It's 55 days until the start of Georgia football. What does that mean - well it means that we have 55 days to pare our team down to a manageable 75 players on the roster. In the race with Florida, we actually have one more guy on scholarship than they do at this point by my count, so, in theory, we should win the game this year.  (Based purely on # of  players, of course.)

Considering that today doesn't mean that I preview any specific player on the roster (and it's Sunday) because there isn't one to preview, here are some hilarious Youtube videos that relate to 55.

***Sorry for the short post today, the weekend mean freedom from the normal confines of daily life, so I'm gonna enjoy it and hit that pool I referred to last week.***

Don't forget Mr. Cabo Wabo...

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