Tuesday, July 12, 2011

53 Days: Important Because... Lindsay Lohan?!?!?

Namely because Aaron Murray sucks really, really badly. I mean, so bad that he's probably the best quarterback in the SEC. So bad that he can't even throw for 3000 yards in a season or so bad that he couldn't even throw a TD to AJ Green, the best receiver in college football last year.

Sorry, but after yesterday's debacle I just couldn't resist luring you in again. My singular hope is that someone reads the first line of this post and goes straight to the comments section to lambaste me. Seriously though, it was touch and go there for a while, but I promise today's countdown post is gonna throw a little sunshine on a somewhat otherwise monotonous Tuesday.

It's 53 days now until the trinity of tailbacks troll into Atlanta and we find out what we actually possess in two of the unknown quantities (Crowell and Malcome). I'm excited to find out because, not necessarily because I want to find out, but because that means the season will have started (and possibly ended, but who cares?).

But why is 53 days until kickoff so much more important? Well because Li-Lo, of course. Isn't anything that features Lohan automatically more important? You can just stick her in anything and there's pretty much a great chance she'll be either have some coke marred up somewhere or a liter o' Goose on the sip and a faulty BAC/house arrest monitor on her leg.

Actually, Lohan is only tangentially related to this post, as she just so happens to be the driver in the newest installment of Herbie, the most iconic #53 to ever don hubcaps.

Actually beside the fact that Herbie is number 53, this movie is complete crap. With an ensemble cast (of actors from 90's) you'd think that they might actually have something going here. With Michael Keaton (Batman), Matt Dillon (There's Something About Mary), Lohan (uh, Freaky Friday, I guess), and cameos by Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, and Stuart Scott they should've really hit the AWESOME!!!! button. Well, they really didn't... Like I said, it's crap.

But hey, it's 53 related and gave me something to harp on (and you to read and poke fun at me) for today's post. Honestly I'm ashamed, but then again everyone else is giving Lohan play. Why can't I?

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