Wednesday, July 13, 2011

52 Days: Amarlo Herrera

FINALLY! You don't have to read any more stupid countdown posts that contain Lindsay Lohan and Herbie references. I can only imagine your elation reading that line (and you can only imagine mine). It's a short 52 days from the start of the 2011 season. Actually, tomorrow will begin a four day stretch of nameless numbers, but I hope you tune in to find out what kind of surprise is awaiting you.

But I digress...

If you didn't know today is a special day around the good ole US of A. Other than the fact that it's a certain true freshman LB's day on the countdown, there's another reason to celebrate July 13, 2011. It's NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY! Why might you ask is this important to Amarlo Hererra, today's spotlightee?

Well because french fries just so happen to be his favorite food. Here's a small list of why:
  • He doesn't like the French. This may seem counter-intuitive considering the name, but does it really make sense that he'd absolutely decimate them if they were called "American Fries"? No, Amarlo isn't a terrorist.
  • All you need for a fine batch of French Fries is potatoes, hot grease, and some salt. A winning combination for people who absolutely hate Ramen Noodles. And when I say hate, we're talking broccoli from every 1970's sitcom kid's point of view here.
  • French fries get so much love these days. So much in fact, that every restaurant tries to make them seem like more than just fried potatoes with salt. There's Sea Salt French Fries, Kosher Salt French Fries, Garlic Fries.... We get it, but do they really taste any different? There's no fooling Amarlo keen marketing monkeys.
  • Versatility. Amarlo also finds qualities within himself being shown by french fries. Have some chili? Chili fries. What about the aforementioned garlic or just cheese? Basically, just dredge or top those fries with anything and it's going to be a meal to remember.
  • They're portable. Should you have a hankering for some mid-game dining, just pull a few fries out of your Silver Britches. Small enough to store anywhere, yet large enough to satiate the largest of fire-breathing middle-linebackers!
Amarlo is a really talented kid. Probably one of the biggest run-stuffing options that we've recruiting in some time. At 6'1 and 224, he has long arms, wide shoulders, and a lot of lower body thump. But that's not the only part of being a middle linebacker. He has shown some weakness in the area of coverage, but he's been working mightily on that part of his game. He's got a great attitude and, from what I hear, likes to hang around Christian Robinson a lot, so he's getting some positive influence there.

As far as playing time, I don't know if Mr. Herrera is really ready for a lot of minutes considering the coverage issues. I think this is going to be a redshirt year for him. I really like his potential as a gap stuffer and pass rusher, but I think you'll see a lot more of him when Robinson graduates. I also think there may be another guy ahead of him in terms of raw skills, but who am I to say that having not seen either in person.

In summation, really like Herrera's game, but I think he's a year or two away from starting. I'll never rule out some special teams work, but some class separation with all these LB's would perhaps be a good idea.

Next up: Hmmmm....

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