Friday, July 15, 2011

50 Days: Yeah, Romans Would Say "L" Days

Good day and welcome to the snoozefest that is our countdown lately. It's the second day of a four day doldrum between Amarlo Herrera and Ray Drew and this is what will end up as about my 15th non-topical UGA player countdown article, as there is no player to preview. The only redeeming fact about today is --


Despite the considerable creativity drain that this article requires sometimes, I can't believe that I'm already halfway to D-Day. What that "D" stands for could be a wide variety of things - death (of our season), destruction (of Boise's o-line), deflation (of our season giddiness), or defacing (of Boise's ESPN street cred). They're all distinct possibilities.

So in honor of 50 days to kickoff, I give you "Top 10 Random Facts About 50 You Won't Finish Reading."

Bon Apetit'!
  1. There are 50 states in the USA. Really caught off guard by that one, huh?
  2. The nickname of alias 50 Cent. Isn't this just like when Chipper calls Greg Maddux "Doggie" instead of "Mad Dog" instead of Maddux. Man, I wish I was cool enough to have a nickname for my nickname.
  3. Ulysses S. Grant is on the front of a $50 bill, which is considered the most unlucky paper to have in your wallet.
  4. The show Hawaii Five-O is so named because Hawaii is the 50th state, not because there is a bunch of 5-O running around. The 5-O slang usage actually started with the show. Eh, that was kinda self-explanatory.
  5. 50 First Dates. If you wanna see a really, really crappy movie, just turn this pooh on the Netflix. Other than the fact it's an Adam Sandler flick post Big Daddy (stretching a little there), it also has Drew Barrymore in it. My stomach is turning.
  6. The atomic number of tin, or "Sn" from the Latin "stannum". Covers your house and your food. (Well, technically it's aluminum foil, but who in the South doesn't say tin foil?)
  7. Mike Singletary's football number. Hell of a player, not so much of a coach.
  8. The 50 Gates of Understanding in the Kabbalistic tradition correspond with 50 levels of conciousness from unconcious rock through to an enlightened being. They represent the first (counting upwards from 10 to 4) 7 sephirof on the tree of life (with each of the 7 containing every other of the 7 sephirof) + Binna the Gate of Understanding: 49+1=50. Yeah, that's Kabbalah. I think it's time for me to start a gimmick people can latch on to and pay me inordinate sums of money. L. Ron, you were a GENIUS!!!
  9. Tyler Hansbrough, the Timmy Tebow of college basketball, wore number 50 in his days at UNC. The number is now retired.
  10. The 50-move rules in chess- If there have been 50 consecutives moves of white and blacks chess pieces without any piece taken or any pawn moved, then a player can claim a draw. Is this rule really true? I don't know because I'd destroy the board if someone claimed that during a heated chess battle.
Once again, we're shaving points here folks... of the IQ variety.


Next up: 7 Weeks

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