Monday, July 18, 2011

47 Days: Ray Drew and Fun with Nicknames

Pretty big high-schooler...
Courtesy of and Chad Simmons

Hooray! We've finally reached a person, thus no more lame attempts at entertaining you with past season overviews or other random musings. It's time for some actual player preview talk and predicting things that have no actual basis in reality, they're only based on star rating expectations! Our clairvoyance is legendary, so get ready for some entertainment.

Anyway, today's spotlight is on UGA's young outside linebacking specialist, Ray Drew. Drew is a true freshman out of Thomasville and stands a healthy 6'5 and almost 250 pounds. He's fond of three things in life (probably in order):

  1. God
  2. Fishin'
  3. Uga
I'm sure you've all heard that he's so close to his Lord and savior that he's been ordained as a pastor. I'd be tired of talking to reporters about it actually - the guy doesn't have a third eye because he's preaching. It's kinda like the Tebow-nomenon. 

It wasn't enough that he's was a good football player, he was also good enough to work in the Philippines at his parents mission and do community service and stuff and the media felt like actually being a decent human being was SOOOO much cooler if you're also a football player.

Ray's a great kid and he certainly has his priorities in order, but why is it so strange that he's a football player too? I think he'd probably tell you that it isn't abnormal that he loves the Lord and sacking opposing QBs. Here's an example of reporters making him look like an outlier in the data set (Is that really necessary?):

He even brings church to the football field. After he makes a tackle, he doesn't cuss the ballcarrier. He says "God bless you." Drew believes that sometimes this unnerves opponents more than a stream of insults. "It gets in their head a little bit," he said. (Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated)

Andy's a good guy and he's very good at his job, so I'd recommend reading the article, even though it's probably the 7000th one that you've read on the subject. 

Anyway, it seems like a lot of people really enjoy giving Ray nicknames that relate to his expertise in delivering "the message". So here's a few that I've come up with:
  • The Cleric of Crush
  • Rabbi of Rush
  • Priest of Pain
  • Bishop of the Backfield
  • Sermonizer of Sack
  • Vicar of Violence
  • Reverend of Roughery
  • Chaplain of Crunch
  • Sermonizer of Smear
Please provide your own in the comments. It'd be a fun time.

Most freshmen at Drew's position (4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB) don't make a huge impact in their first year on campus, despite their prowess as a recruit. The only freshman in recent memory that had a gigantic impact in their freshman campaign was Mizzou product Aldon Smith, who, in 2009, racked up 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for loss. I guess that's why he was a top-10 pick in the draft this year and I'd never heard of him before February.

Being that the top-2 freshman OLB/DE types are in the SEC East this year, it looks like we'll have a great opportunity to see if either Drew or Clowney will break the aforementioned trend. I think Clowney may have more of an opportunity considering the depth chart, but Crackalacky's is a little more sparsely populated than ours. Both are pretty close anyway.

Drew looks to be manning the primary back-up role at the strong side as of now, right behind Jarvis Jones. Depending on how Jones situation works out (I've heard it's pretty much a consensus he won't miss any time), we'll either see A LOT of Drew early at the SS or a fair bit of action in a backup role on either side. 

Either way, Ray will see the field early and often. I'm not sure Morant or Stripling are quite ready physically to make a huge contribution, but those two guys could see some action situationally. Drew has the size to be on the field on all downs, so that makes him a little more likely to see more time than those two. That doesn't mean that I'm not high on those guys potential, they just need to eat a few more cheeseburgers.


Next up: No. 46, Zander "Bonzai" Ogletree


  1. Pastor of Disaster?
    The Sinister Minister?

  2. Minister of Defense

    Patron Saint of Sacks

    or just simply...the Reverend Ray

  3. At this point, Minister of Defense appears to be the odds-on favorite. I'm partial to the alliterative ones, but that reflects my fondness for cutesy penmanship.

    Thanks for the ideas ladies and germs. Like to see a few more...

  4. Pastor of Disaster!

  5. Gotta be Pastor of Disaster, The Minister of Defense was Reggie White.

  6. Thought "Pastor of Disaster" was pretty good.

    D Ray of Doom?

    D Ray of Prey?

    D Ray of Obey?

    If he turns out to be lead tackler, we have other options: The Drew Crew would rhyme with the rest of us, The Brew Crew.

    The Feature Preacher?

    Since Ray is from a part of Georgia that is named for the proliferation of landed estates, can label him in a way that would get a lot of ink, especially from ESPN : The Plantation Sensation!?

    Moses'(Murray)Hoses? for the D.

    "D" Drew?

    D Man?

    You're right . This IS fun!

  7. Sometime we have to try the word game, "Hink-Pink" that deals with rhyming end syllables.
    It is a mind game as well where the answer to a question is expressed as a rhyming set of syllables. You reach as many tiers as you can imagine in end syllables of the answer.

    Example: 1st tier = Hink-Pink

    2nd tier = Hinky-Pinky

    3rd tier =Hinkety-Pinkety
    ...and so on.

    An example of a Hinkety-Pinkety answer to a riddle would be "Daisy Mae DNA" to the riddle of "What was necessary to complete Lil' Abner's son?" (pretty old for a lot of you, but it should send you to Google in the least). Got it? You can play this game here with Pastor Ray Drew. Hope you try it in the spirit of this blog.

  8. Were Ray from the mountains, Mountain Dew would be my choice. That's classic. It's mostly because the sign on 85 North is burned into my reitnas, "Mountain Dew, the No. 1 16oz. soda in Georgia".

    It's like "Hey we aren't quite sure we're rednecks yet, so let's put up a huge ass sign so everyone traveling through thinks we are anyway."


  9. I'm just hoping he's not a bust. Richt can recruit great players-we know that. But he's proved time & time again he (and his assistant buddies) are inept at developing said talent. Drew doesn't deserve a nickname until he earns it. Novel approach, i know. Wake me up when he backs up his hype.

  10. The Minister of Misery

  11. "Ray Saw, Ray Drew, Ray kicked their... bless their heart"