Tuesday, July 19, 2011

46 Days: Zander "Bonzai" Ogletree

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It's 46 short days my friends out there in interwebs land. That's a month and a half to those of you who have trouble extrapolating monthly figures from daily figures. The long and short of it is that game day in Atlanta is quickly approaching. Today's number features a player who hasn't seen a ton of PT thus far, but seems to be one of the really hard working, "RAH RAH" characters on the team.

Today's featured player is none other than Alexander Ogletree, FB and special teamer brother of Alec. He wears No. 46, uncoincidentally, and stands in at a healthy 5'10 and 224 punds. I say this because, having seen him in uniform last year, I'd guess he probably weighed about 185 pounds soaking wet. A forty-pound gain sure as hell would be good results for the new S&C program.

Anyway, Alec, Zander's older, more ballhawkier bro was given the nick name Tree in high school, possibly an abbreviated form of "Oak Tree" for his ranginess, size, and hitting proclivity. I've affectionately named Zander "Bonzai", as he's a helluva special teamer, takes well to pumping up the crowd with Tebow-esque motions, and, obviously, his size when compared to his brother and his nick name.

As previously stated, Zander was a staple on the special teams unit last year. With Figgins' move to FB/H-Back Zander's snaps in the backfield may be somewhat limited. His numbers last year went: 1 rec., 7 yards and 2 carries for -1 yards. It would be pretty safe for me to assume that he'll likely get somewhere around 10 carries this season and catch maybe 3-6 balls out of the backfield.

Fullbacks don't get a ton of action, but I'm inclined to believe that they'll have more of an integral part of the offense this year with the pass-catching ability and the advantage that they serve with such good tight ends. You can run a lot of different things with Bruce back there and I look for some of those reps to trickle down to Zander as well.


Next up: No. 45, Christian Robinson

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