Wednesday, July 20, 2011

45 Days: Christian Robinson

Robinson cracking ex-Vol Nu'Keese Richardson's cranium.
(Courtesy of the Knoxville News-Sentinal)

Welcome back again today, folks. There's one less day left on the countdown than when we last met and discussed Zander Ogletree. I'm not sure about you, but I couldn't be happier to watch these guys quickly tick down to zero. No offense to the kids, but July and August are starting to be my least favorite time of year. Really the only thing that redeems those months are 1) vine ripened, sweet North Georgia blueberries picked on the Van Dawgin estate; and 2) evening thunderstorms on a tin roof.

If you can argue with either of those two being redemptive for July and August, you're obviously a terrorist or allergic to vitamin K.

Either way, you and today's player of record would not get along. Speaking of him, it's 45 days to kickoff, so today's honoree is none other than MLB, #45, Christian Robinson.

Christian is a perfect example of why Dawgola and I here at H2H have twitter for the blog. He's always tweeting stuff that makes you feel good about the leadership that this team shows, despite the bad news that some folks seem to get caught up in at times. Christian is also a huge fan of the countdown posts. Here are a few great examples of each:

These are good for obvious reasons. Like me, he LOVES counting things down and like me, despises the Auburn national championship billboards along I-85. I'm certain of one thing about those billboards, they would not exist in Auburn, Alabama if we won the National Championship with a player from right outside of the town. No chance in Hell.

Christian is undoubtedly the leader of the defense. I'll be the first to admit that I was critical of him early on, but he's a fine example of how a student athletes should carry themselves on and off the football field. I didn't see him being our starting backer when he signed in 2008, but that just goes to show you that you don't ever short a kid's potential when they have their head in the right place (and not in their a.... hold on, I'm not starting another controversy). Marcus Dowtin would have gotten my vote, but you see what being a malcontent gets you, even when having more raw talent than some other people.

Like I've previously stated, it doesn't look like CRob will be supplanted by anyone on the depth chart. One of my picks for impact *freshman* on the defense was Kent Turene (in a backup role) behind Robinson, but it looks like now there's an issue with Turene and the NCAA Clearinghouse. If you know how it usually turns out for us when player's scores get flagged by the NCAA, you then know that this is not good for his chances of making my prediction work out.

No matter what happens behind Robinson, he's the captain of our defense, closely followed by Brandon Boykin. I can't say enough good things about these two. Good players and good guys - you can't hope for much more than that when you're recrutin' em.


Next Up: No. 44, T.J. Stripling

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