Thursday, July 21, 2011

44 Days: T.J. Stripling

I had the opportunity to attend a Georgia practice last fall. Seeing the players up close like that -- not from row 10 in the stands but from arms' length -- really allows you to see difference in body-type and ability. Stripling was a guy who looked like an NFL player: Although he was slightly "underweight", he still stood out to me in the linebackers group. That is why I was especially bummed when he had that horrendous knee injury against Colorado.

The good news? All signs say he should be able to strap it up for the start of fall practice. Hopefully, he has not lost too much ability because of the injury. He has some work to do on the depth chart but I am confident he will get his fair share of snaps. Grantham has recently said that Strip was "probably further along" than Dexter Morant at the outside linebacker position.

Let's hope his Predator dreadlocks will enable him to lock on opponents with the triangular laser scope.


  1. did he get a red shirt due to the injury?

  2. According to the roster he is listed as a sophmore. So I'm assuming he didn't qualify for a redshift. I believe he appeared in too many games.