Friday, July 22, 2011

43 Days: Quintavious "Cootie" Harrow

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We're +1 one day on top of six weeks until September 3rd - a day that could live in infamy or... uh... famy? Hmmm, I'm not really sure what the heck the language monkeys were thinking when they came up with "infamy", but it's sure as hell not a good term to illustrate root words in the English language.

Well, whatever, I guess I've got to go hash out some beef I have with Webster, but let's not get bogged down in semantics. After all, this is a countdown post, not some lame English 2 class taught by a guy who looks more like Wilfred Brimley than Wilfred Brimley looks like Wilfred Brimley. 

It's a Cootie-filled day today on the countdown, not because I have them (or had them) at some point in my elementary school life, but because Quintavious Harrow is GOIN HAM UP IN THIS MUTHA today. 

Why is Cootie going ham today? Because it's his favorite musician's birthday today and he's putting the FUNK train full steam ahead in Athens, just like his idol. Who is this mystery man, you ask? It's time for a few clues.
  • Born in Kannapolis, North Carolina on this day in 1941
  • In his teen years formed a doo wop group called The Parliaments
  • Had over 40 R & B hits, including three #1's
  • Has produced albums for famed artists, Bootsy Collins and the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Top hit was "Atomic D(awg)" which is Cootie's favorite song ever
If you haven't guessed it by now, you never will. Cootie's favorite artist is none other than the original FUNKmaster, George Clinton. I know you probably wouldn't expect it, but Quin loves him some funkin FUNK mother funker.

In fact, he loved it so much that he saw the video below and tried to actually track it down - cause didn't you know that it's a living and breathing thing?

Well, he found it and all those funky mole-covered tetes didn't make him lose his mind, in fact they just made him some kind of delirious roaming FUNKY RPG on the football field. Yeah, and he can see round corners too.

Cootie was recruited at safety out of high school at almost 6'2 and 190 pounds. He's now listed on Georgia's roster as a 6'1, 185 pound corner. This is interesting for a few reasons.

It was originally thought that Cootie might be very close on the qualifying ledge. After the initial talk was over, he ended up making it in with the rest of his class. The funny thing is, Devin Bowman, another DB who was also part of last year's class, is still waiting on his test score.

Considering this circumstance, Sanders Commings being viewed as "a safety who can play corner" by Grantham, and our general lack of depth at the position, if Bowman doesn't end up making it in, Cootie MAY get a few snaps or some special teams work. Of course, this all hinges on a lot of "ifs", but it's certainly possible he'll see the field in running situations, as he's very tough in run support or on kick off/punt team.


Next Up: No. 42, Cory Campbell


  1. Ben Harden 6’ 4” 290 lbs OL
    Chris Little (was thought to be the stud of the OL class) 6’ 5” 342 lbs. ranked Top 10 OL in the nation 2007
    Tanner Strickland ranked # 23 best OL in the nation 2007 6’ 4” 314 lbs.
    77 Trinton Sturdivant (would have been starting LT) (6-5, 310, Sr.) 4-Star 2007 ranked # 14 best OL in the nation 2007
    AJ Harmon transfer Academics off-field suspensions slated as Starter 2011 at Right Tackle, 4-Star ranked # 2 best OL in the nation 2008 at 6’ 4” 308 lbs.
    Jonathan Owens
    Brent Benedict recruited from Jacksonville FL with nerve damage transferred out to play elsewhere jilting Mark Richt and Mike Bobo transferring to Virginia Tech, 4-Star ranked 12th best OL in the nation 2010.
    Washaun Ealey – transfer oout off-field arrest, on-field fumbles, doghouse, Starter, 4-Star ranked # 11 best running back in the nation 2009
    Dontavius Jackson ranked # 8 best running back in the nation 4-Star recruit 2008 whom I always thought was a better running back than Caleb King, duped by his teammate into driving his teammates truck around Athens so that 6 could get drunk in the truck with liquor bought with another UGA player’s DL by Branden Smith, while Branden got -0- suspension for while Dontavius Jackson felt that was preferential treatment and quit the team, transferring out to UAB where he has a 3.0 GPA and is doing well.
    Marcus Dowtin – transfer off-field arrest, doghouse, Starter 6’ 2” 235 lbs 4.4 speed Nike time 4-Star ranked # 16 best in the nation at his position
    Nick Williams – transfer out, not happy with coaches jerking him around, Starter Safety 6’ 3” 206 lbs. 4-Star 2008 with 4.5 speed Nike time ranked Top 25 in the nation at his position, got into a fight in G-Day game last year at end of game prompting Todd Grantham to manhandle him from the field during the game. 4-Star
    Jeremy Longo – transfer out defensive end ranked # 24 best in the nation at his position 2008 6’ 5” 212 lbs 4.6 speed Nike time
    Logan Gray – transfer out, not happy with coaches jerking him around, Starting designated fair catch punt returner also wide receiver 6’ 2” 185 lbs. 4.5 speed Nike time Top 10 QB in the nation 2007 and 4-Star player
    Justin Houston – failed drug test during NFL combines trying to leave early, Starter
    Deion Bonner– arrest thief in UGA locker room offered scholarship by Mark Richt, potential Starter
    Caleb King – Academics suspended for bowl game Academics & arrests ongoing, Starter, Flunked off team 2011
    Chris Mayes – Flunked out 2011 Dream Team signed with Mark Richt, Academics gone, unclear if or when he will or was to be Starter
    Jalen Fields – failed to qualify for UGA sophomore season at Ga Military after high recruit rankings great outside rush projected as Starter at DE when recruited 6’ 5” 280 lbs. who runs like a scalded dog could have also competed for open linebacker positions requiring us to move our best secondary player to linebacker leaving our secondary wide open with a whole entire group who have shown nothing on passing plays for years and years and years and years, ranked 14th best in the nation at his position 2010. 4-Star.
    Lonnie Outlaw - failed to qualify for UGA sophomore season at Ga Military after high recruit rankings 6’ 7” 201 lbs wide receiver would have been huge help at WR this 2011 season obviously and would be competing for starting job.
    Michael Lemon who played at NC State last year, with his Felony Aggravated assault and permanent disfiguring of another UGA student, kicked off team visited in jail by Mark Richt.

  2. Zach Mettenberger 4-Star ranked Top 10 best Quarterback in the nation 2009, kicked off team for multiple guilty findings of sexual battery, competing for starting QB at LSU ranked in the Top 5 best teams in the nation who doesn’t have a QB other than Jefferson who has been more than lackluster. A huge QB who should have played vs Okie State in that Loss by Joe Cox with his chronic shoulder and with his flu requiring him to be flown on a private charter to Okie State, Zach Mettenberger even with all that did not get in the game vs Okie State. 6’ 5” 229 lbs. QB with 4.7 speed faster than Aaron Murray.
    Montez Robinson 6’ 5” 235 lbs. 4-Star recruit with 4.6 speed Nike time 2009 class Starter ranked # 8 best DE in the nation 2009 and ranked the # 1 football player in the state of Indiana arrested multiple times for beating up an UGA student – a girl, finally after beating up her car too, he was kicked off the team. Kicked off team 1 year ago now. He picked the little girl up and slammed her to the floor, repeatedly in the athletics dorm.

    Joining Green and Houston were Akeem Dent (third round), Clint Bolling (fourth round), Kris Durham (fourth round) and Shaun Chapas (seventh round).

    Austin Long’s back
    Dallas Lee’s respiratory condition
    Chris Burnette Redshirt Freshman Center counted on to replace Ben Jones, concussion, missed entire season
    Justin Anderson Junior noseguard, used to play OL, injury surgery on toe, jerked around and sent to play Defensive Tackle
    Dexter Morant, left team before camp, came back couple days later, missed entire season, True Freshman Linebacker, with a Shoulder injury
    Derek Owens, declared Academically ineligible for bowl game, played every game at DB as True Freshman last year, ranked 27th best defensive back in the nation 2010. 4.5 speed Nike time.
    Derrick Lott DE surgery to his right leg low injured in motorcycle accident 13 July 2011 listed # 2 at DE back-up for Abry Jones, ranked # 27 best in the nation at his position 2009, 4-Star.
    Carlton Thomas Suspended for Boise State game goofing off, off-field incident in Spring hidden from the press by Mark Richt and his coaching staff of Bryan McClendon and Mike Bobo when they already had exactly the same issues with Washaun Ealey and Caleb King, while all 3 fumbled the football at key moments each costing us Loss after Loss after Loss after Loss last season from fumbles. This coming 2011 season will see us lead the nation in putting the ball on the carpet up for grabs, and we have not done well on jumping on those loose fumbles, as our coaching staff neither teaches them how to hold the football nor coaches the kids how to recover their fumbles offensively either.

    65 John Bodin (6-6, 321, Jr.)

    31 Chris Young (6-1, 230, RSo.)

    92 Dexter Morant (6-7, 245, RFr.) recovering from shoulder surgery and is way behind in his efforts to make the impact expected of him

    44 T.J. Stripling (6-6, 222, So.) recovering from knee surgery

    Kent Turene Dream Team not enrolled waited to be cleared by NCAA Clearing House Inside Linebacker 6’ 3” 230 lbs from state of Florida ranked 18th best in the nation at his position

    Devin Bowman is the other signee who has yet to enroll waiting to be cleared by NCAA Clearing House too, Dream Team member as Defensive Secondary 6 feet tall with 4.5 speed Nike time ranked 29th best in the nation at his position

    Jarvis Jones, Starter, Outside Linebacker SAM – not cleared by NCAA to play and obviously must be held out of both Boise State and South Carolina games, by which time the season could easily be totally over

    Attrition :