Saturday, July 23, 2011

42 Days: Corey Campbell

Hmmmmmm.... Need to crack the whip on those IT folks.

We're Corey Campbell days away from kickoff of the Pro-Combatants in Atlanta. Those 42 days transfer into 6 weeks for you non-Math majors out there who don't have your abacus handy. Were it last year, it would be Justin Houston days until that first Saturday in September, but the appeal of all that cash (and a little pre-draft toke fest) was just a little too much for him to turn down.

Houston has earned his blog cred though - lets talk about THE #42 player on our team, Mr. Cory Campbell. He's a burgeoning star in linebacking corps and I'm surprised you haven't heard more about him. Yeah, well I've read his page on GeorgiaDogs.

As Dawgola pointed out in one of his earlier aritcles, there aren't many good reasons to have a question mark in the middle of your profile picture on a university website designed for the football team of which you're a part. Those two reasons are A) you haven't made it to campus yet; or B) you're a walk-on and don't get any love from anyone... especially cheap bloggers who make light of your not having a picture on your page.

Well that's about to change - and that change starts today.

I've been pretty complimentary of all of the walk-ons to make their way into the countdown thus far. Whether it's Ben Reynolds or Ty Frix, both of those guys have gotten some love from the crew here at H2H because they don't get a lot of credit, but they put in a lot of hard work. That tends to pay off in the end, as you can see from Frix's spot in the starting lineup.

I really know zero about this guy, but his jersey is just the same as these other guys, so he'll have a day in the spotlight here as well.

Campbell stands a healthy 5-10 and 209 pounds and makes his home on the scout team at linebacker. As far as football goes, that's all I know about him. Like I said though, if he's a scout-teamer, he's one of the guys that gets beat on all season while the other guys get the credit. Hopefully that credit includes a 14-0 record and a National Championship.

I'd still feel pretty good if I was on the scout team in that situation.


Next Up: No. 41, Brandon Burrows

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