Wednesday, July 27, 2011

38 Days: A One Hit Wonder Coach

1938 was a unique season for the Dawgs. The fact that they went 5-4 wasn't what made it so interesting. I mean, just look at the schedule and results from that season:

What made the '38 season unique was that it was the ONLY season Joel Hunt served as the head man at UGA.

Hunt played his college career at Texas A&M, where he was good enough to receive an eventual induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1967. Hunt played running back, punter, and place kicker, scoring 30 touchdowns, 5 field goals, and 29 extra points -- pretty normal stat-line I would say.

Hunt was also a professional baseball player, and even played in 16 games for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1931-32.  Here is his career stat-line for brief major league career:

After his tenure as Dawgs' head coach, Hunt went to Wyoming (of all places), where he went a ghastly 0-7-1. I guess you could say Joel Hunt was the "William Henry Harrison" of UGA coaches. He came, he went, and then was forgotten among UGA fans.

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