Thursday, July 28, 2011

37 Days: A Few Dawg Things 37

Quick Note: I would like to apologize to Jeremy Sulek, who is actually listed as #38 on the official roster. I apparently overlooked this in yesterday's "38 Days" post. Anyway, Sulek has 4 career tackles, will be a senior, and plays inside linebacker. Again, sorry for the improper omission.

I decided to change it up a bit in today's countdown edition. Obviously, we don't have an active number-37, so I thought I would listed some Dawgly things involving the number 37:

  • '37 UGA Team: Went 6-3-2 and was head coach Harry Mehre's last season. We lost to Holy Cross on the road 7-6 and lost to Florida 6-0. However, we beat Miami 26-0 in the season finale. Also, Jeremy in...Butts-Mehre Building. 
  • 37 Years ago: the 1974 team went 6-6, losing in the Tangerine Bowl to Miami of Ohio 21-10. Ouchie. 
  • 37 Points -- The total number of points we scored against Virginia in Jim Donnan's last game as Bulldog head coach (the 2000 Oahu Bowl). Also, the Oahu Bowl has to have had one of the shortest tenures of any bowl game. It was only played for three years (98-00). 
  • Also 37 Points -- The total number we scored against Florida in '97. Mr. Robert Edwards ran in 4 TDs if remember correctly. 37-17 Final.
  • Recent Dawgs who have worn 37 (in no order):
    • Akeem Hebron
    • Kendrell Bell
    • Braxton Snyder
    • Jamario Smith
    • Jock Stephens
    • Adrian Goodman
Next Up: #36, Shawn Williams AND Wes Van Dyk

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