Friday, July 29, 2011

36 Days: Shawn Williams and Wes Van Dyk

It's too bad that Nick Williams is no longer on the team; now my "Venus and Serena" jokes aren't near as relevant. Anyway, Shawn had better stay healthy this year, because well...his current backup on the depth chart is Marc Deas, who has yet to play a snap.

Personally, I think Williams is primed to be a very solid SEC safety (but ask me again after the Boise game). He got the bulk of the snaps toward the end of last season (after we realized the "Hit Man" had the most ironic name in UGA history) and really did a serviceable job. But if he goes down...get ready to see some freshmen.

As for Wes Van Dyk...I mean, with a name like that, he should be starting against Boise just so we can hear Brad Nessler say his name in the starting lineup (I am assuming Nessler will be announcing our game). Actually, Wes plays tailback for the Dawgs and went to the same high school (Highland Park) as Matt Stafford.

Don't be fooled by his stats; although he only has 4 career rush yards and will probably be about 6th on the depth chart once fall practice starts, he is budding star my friends. Plus, you can't take his name away. And that means something.

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