Thursday, June 23, 2011

UGA National Player Comps: 1st Edition

So, I decided to start a new mini-feature today for the blog. Basically, I will take a couple of UGA's returning players, and try to find out who their current "twin" is.  In other words, I will try to find out what other player in the country is most similar to them using a few basic metrics:

  1. The position they play
  2. Their physical attributes (height/weight)
  3. Their stats for the previous season
  4. The strength of their respective teams' schedule (comparing pure stats from an SEC QB and a Sun Belt QB is not fair)
Our first player today is our projected number 1 receiver: Tavarres King

Here are King's 2010 numbers:
  • WR -- 6-1 195lb 
  • 27 receptions, 504 rec. yds, 3 TD
And with a little research, 2010 TK most similarly compares to...

T.J. Simpson (WR - Arizona State) 
  • WR -- 6-1 185lb
  • 29 receptions, 481 rec. yds, 0 TD
Simpson is listed as a starter for ASU this upcoming season. I don't know how many catches he will get this season but Tavarres better get more than 27 or we're screwed.

***Let's do another one: how about Safety Bacarri Rambo:
  • FS -- 6-0 210lb
  • 82 tkls, 3 INT
And Rambo compares to...

Eddie Whitley (FS -- Virginia Tech)
  • FS -- 6-1 196lb
  • 80 tkls, 2 INT
I thought it would be good to start with one offensive player and one defensive guy. I can't wait until Caleb King's name pops up in the next edition...Van Dawgin might be his best comp based on how King played last season. Then again...I don't think Van Dawgin got arrested for 'failure to appear in court' while trying to drive his shady brother home after HE got pulled over for not having a license and driving without a tag light. This is making me re-pissed so I'm going to stop typing now...stay tuned for more Player Comps (and hopefully I'll think of a more catchy title).

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