Monday, June 27, 2011

TWO UGA Athletes Accused of Taking Benefits

Honestly, I probably wasted too much of my breath on the Brent Benedict article, because this one is probably more important for two main reasons:
  1. It concerns a potential starting football player that hasn't even played a down yet
  2. It also concerns our top incoming basketball recruit in years -- who also hasn't played yet. 
Yesterday, the Ledger Enquirer (Columbus newspaper) released an article detailing the investigation by Columbus Police into the alleged benefits that Jarvis Jones and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope received while they played for the Georgia Blazers (an AAU basketball team) in 2009. Apparently, a woman named Shelley Stephens, who had worked for the Recreation Department (who sponsored the AAU team) for ten years, told police that Tony Adams, who was the director at the time, paid for four flights for Jarvis Jones to and from L.A., and had paid for Kentavious Caldwell's mother's cell phone bill. I know that previous sentence seems confusing so let me put it another way: a crooked director at the Parks and Rec. Department in Columbus supposedly gave Jarvis Jones and Kentavious Caldwell "stuff" illegally. 

Here are the flights for Jarvis Jones that Adams allegedly paid for through a "Georgia Blazers" bank account:

From Atlanta to Los Angeles on June 1 at a cost of $339.20.
From Atlanta to Los Angeles on June 17 at a cost of $144.60.
To Atlanta from Los Angeles on Sept. 17 at a cost of $175.00.
To Atlanta from Los Angeles on Oct. 9 at a cost of $169.60.
The total cost of the flights was $828.40.

He also allegedly paid a $280 cell phone bill for Kentavious Caldwell's mother.

Eric Baumgartner, who is UGA's compliance director, said he has "not received or heard anything from the NCAA".

All of these accusations covered in the media stem from this Ledger-Enquirer article. Sure, I don't think they made any of it up, but I would like to hear another side of the story before I rush to judgment. We do know the police are involved (who also claim the NCAA is involved). It could get worse, it could get better, or it could stay the same. If the above accusations are true, then these guys will probably be suspended a few games (but the university itself would not be punished). One thing we do know: it's definitely not a happy day for UGA fans, especially when you add the rancid "Brent Benedict" cherry on top. We'll keep you updated.

***UPDATE***: We've heard (thanks EC) that Shelley Stephens may actually be Jones' legal guardian. So, in a nutshell, Jarvis didn't receive any "benefits" from a third party.

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  1. Has anything positive ever come out of AAU basketball?