Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trooper Taylor: A Real Peach of a Guy

How about trying a hoola-hoop during the game... maybe
some pom poms?

This is perhaps the funniest thing I've found in a while. Seriously, I rolled in the floor while reading this. I mean, this was funnier than that Dane Cook special I caught a few weeks ago.... uh... wait a sec...

While perusing the interwebs yesterday for some info on Sandy Creek wideout JaQuay Williams, I found this little nugget from him on Auburn's "Big Cat Weekend" last Saturday and Sunday:

"The whole day was great. I love the coaches at Auburn. They don't seem too serious, but they are truthful. Some colleges tell you stuff you want to hear just to get you there, but I don't feel that way about Auburn's. I feel like Coach Trooper (Taylor) is a man of his word. He says the truth. He stands behind his word. Coach Gus (Malzahn), he has a great offense. Auburn is just a good place to be"

You can find the entire article HERE, but it may be premium content.

If you weren't already aware of what a gem Trooper Taylor is, make sure and check out a fairly recent article from Sports by Brooks on him. Basically the gist of the whole thing is that Trooper obviously lied to future Auburn QB Zeke Pike about staying at Auburn after being courted to come and coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Pike's words on Trooper:

“Coach Trooper (Taylor), their receivers coach, turned down his favorite team of all-time, the Dallas Cowboys, to stay there." (Video below, if you care to watch)


I don't know about you, but to me, Trooper Taylor doesn't really have much to offer if I'm Jason Garrett. I've got enough guys on IR that can wave a towel and wear a backwards hat on the sideline. In "THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE" it's also a little more difficult to pay off players to join your team, thus his anitcs would be far less effective.

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