Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Thrash: "Floods" of Extra Players Abound in the SEC

Thursday Thrash is a weekly segment in which we incorporate some of the greatest songs of all time (mostly metal, but not always) into a topically relevant post revolving around current issues at the University of Georgia. As a note, artistic liberties will be frequently used in this relation. Basically, the only premise/rule is that I can't put on some crappy Shania Twain song or some no-talent lightning catcher with autotune (see KESHA). 

The topic du jour... mmm... that sounds good... I'll have that... Oh wait, sorry. Anyway, the big hubbub over oversigning has reached a fever pitch around the SEC. Dawgola's article today has a nice take on Richt's stance(s) on the issue, but I have some thoughts myself.

Like Phil Anselmo's heroin addiction, this type of recruiting, at some point, is going to blow up in someone's face. Houston Nutt probably is going to piss off the wrong kid, a la Adam James, and he'll get canned considering the other baggage he's toting around that we currently aren't aware of. It's really simple, OD'ing on the smack is bad for your heart and eventually you're going to find yourself having an infarction.

Pretty easy to figure, eh?

BTW, the only redeeming part about writing this was the end result. There isn't a better Pantera song or Dimebag guitar solo. I'm really, really getting sick of hearing reporters prod Nick Saban about things he's done for years, yet they're is just catching on to his shenanigans. HELLO?!?!?

But enough about that jazz. Without further ado, for your listening pleasure - THE COWBOYS FROM HELL!

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