Thursday, June 2, 2011

So...Richt IS Okay With Over-Signing

Well, the political season is not too far away, and apparently we have a head coach who is being accused of "flip-flopping". A couple of weeks ago, Richt told a Georgia booster club the following in regards to oversigning:

“I think it's an awful thing to do, I think it's the wrong thing to do, and it's nothing that we've ever done at Georgia...”

Yesterday however, during the SEC Spring Meetings, Richt addressed the issue another way:

“I was asked my opinion on the oversigning thing. First of all, I think everybody should have a right to manage their numbers. I think every university should he able to do that. I think over-signing is OK, in my opinion, if you sign over the number."

While it seems like I'm trying to label Richt as a "liar", this is really not my intent. I think he now realizes that for the most part, recruits aren't just told to "hit the road" if the scholarship numbers don't line up. I also think he was asked a very leading question in that booster club meeting. I do wonder however, why he all of a sudden has this "step back and examine closely" attitude as opposed to a staunch "it's an awful thing to do" belief. Maybe he has simply talked it over with some of the other coaches that the media frowns upon...

Nick Saban basically lambasted reporters when he was asked about oversigning:

"What's your problem with 28? Y'all are creating a bad problem for everybody, because you're going to mess up the kids getting opportunities by doing what you're doing," Saban said. "You think you're helping them, but you're hurting them. You take one case where somebody didn't get the right opportunity but you need to take the other 100 cases where somebody got an opportunity because of it."

And I have to be honest...I think he might have a point. The "one kid" that Saban was referring to was an offensive lineman named Elliot Porter, who had signed with LSU in 2010, but was asked to grayshirt (enroll a semester late) because The Hat had oversigned (shocking I know). Other than that, there has not been a lot of hard evidence showing that oversigning has elicited negative consequences in the long run for the recruits. Heck, maybe we should call it "SUPER SIGNING" or "HAPPY-FUN SIGNING!" instead of the more scandalous sounding idiom, "over-signing".


  1. 'I do wonder however, why he all of a sudden has this "step back and examine closely" attitude as opposed to a staunch "it's an awful thing to do" belief'

    Because you took the original quote out of context.

  2. Exactly. Richt made his stance on over-signing and grey-shirting very clear. If the kid is told upfront that there might not be room, that's okay. If he's not told upfront and he participates during the summer and all of a sudden he's told he'll have to wait to enroll, that's not okay. Richt has explicitly stated this. I don't understand where the confusion is.

  3. Anon 9:01,

    I didn't take it out of context, but I do think Richt failed to articulate his point. A ton a media outlets (Tony Barnhart for one) have used this quote from that booster meeting.

    Anon 9:34,

    Richt has notoriously been against over-signing over the years. Now he's putting parameters on it (which I think is a GOOD thing). Besides, you basically quoted what he said at the SEC Meetings two days ago, not something he said long ago.

  4. Dawgola, just seconds BEFORE Richt described oversigning as "awful", he said this:

    “If you bring them in in the summer, and you work them and you let your strength staff work with them, and you kind of decide which ones you like the best, and you tell five of them, ‘Hey we know we signed you, and we expected you to be able to come in, we don’t have space for you, we’re really sorry about that but we don’t have space for you – you’re gonna have to leave and come back in January."

    THEN he said: “I think that’s an awful thing to do, I think that’s the wrong thing to do. And it’s nothing that we’ve done since I’ve been at Georgia.”

    So yes, I believe the quote was taken out of context. And this was from a Bulldog Club meeting a couple weeks ago...not from the Destin meetings 2 days ago.

  5. If Richt's comments seem confusing, it's because you don't fully understand the issue. It IS very complex.
    Georgia doesn't "oversign". Alabama and the SEC West do. USC does to some extent. Nothing Richt has said contradicts that.
    "Oversigning" is a term that's misleading, actually. There's much more to the issue than that. Much more.

  6. IveyLeaguer,

    I understand that "oversigning" is different from "signing too many" (and asking the kids to grayshirt and/or hit the road). Alabama and S. Carolina oversign but always end up with the right numbers (because of attrition/early enrollees). The fact is, I have never heard Richt fully explain his stance on oversigning until the SEC Meetings this week.