Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SEC To Change Hoops Scheduling Format

In the midst of a perennial discussion on whether or not the SEC Tournament format is fair, a change has finally been made for the upcoming 2011-12 season. The conference will use the old scheduling format for this upcoming season (we play each team in the East twice and the West once) BUT the SEC Tournament will be seeded as if there are no divisions. In other words, at the end of the regular season (and during the season), the teams will be listed 1-12 by their conference records, and the top four teams will get a bye in the Tournament. There are talks to also change the actual scheduling format, and possibly go to 18 or 22 conference games, as opposed to the current 16-game format.

Here is how last year's SEC Standings would have been using the new format:
  1. Florida (13-3)
  2. Alabama (12-4)
  3. Kentucky (10-6)
  4. Vanderbilt (9-7)
  5. Georgia (9-7)
  6. Miss. St. ( 9-7)
  7. Tennessee (8-8)
  8. Ole Miss (7-9)
  9. Arkansas (7-9)
  10. S. Carolina (5-11)
  11. Auburn (4-12)
  12. LSU (3-13)
Personally, I still don't think the format is totally fixed. The West teams still get the softer schedule BUT this also means that our Strength of Schedule rating should be higher, which is probably more important.

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