Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Richt Uses Former Dawgs to Motivate Pups

Found this little twitter stream this morning and I thought I'd briefly share it with you:

After the workouts with Herschel the other day and the hires of Thomas Brown and Tony Gilbert, it really looks like Richt is pointing to some former Dawgs to help show the young guys the ropes. This is a very good idea on his part, in my opinion. It was rumored that Haynes may be brought on in some capacity and it looks like that may also be the case, or either he's just pitching in to help at his alma mater.

Either way I like the idea... ALLOT* (ha, ha).

Your thoughts?

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  1. As Bill King posted on his AJC 'Blawg this morning, Georgia’s $64,000.00 Question (actually worth much, much more than $64,000.00) is “whether the team is going to be able to rise to the occasion in the fourth quarter in big games?”

    That one question is bigger than questions about the O line, the secondary, the running game, the receivers, and game-time coaching decisions all combined.

    Georgia has failed to play with that old Junkyard Dogs spirit the past few years.

    The answer to King's question depends upon the answer to a related question. Whether old Father Joe Tereshinski and his trusty Novice Thomas Brown have exorcised the “Underperformance” demon from the Bulldogs’ football program?

    If they have, whatever personnel woes or shortcomings that befall Georgia notwithstanding, we’ll do great. We'll win with lesser talented players playing with Junckyard Dog spirit if need be.

    If Satan's minions continue to possess our 'Dogs despite Father T's best efforts to cast them out, it'll be one long, long season, and the Gator Philistines will go unsmited once again this year.