Thursday, June 30, 2011

PSA on H2H: PLEASE! Do Not Adjust Your Interweb Dial

Over what has been almost a year now, Dawgola and I have thoroughly enjoyed providing you, our readers, with all of the interesting UGA and college sports related content that we can possibly pack into our little website. If you make this place an everyday visit, or just happen by of pure chance, we very much appreciate that you spent at least a small part of your day with us.

To that effect, we're going to be adding some bells and whistles over the coming weeks and months that (crossing fingers) will be more engaging and interesting, while at the same time keeping the content heavy and the commentary light. After all, our goal for this experiment starting out was to have fun, provide some useful information, and MOST OF ALL, touch on some topics that we find interesting and bring a slant to them that people could find some value in reading. Otherwise, you'd just be watching Youtube videos of funny animal tricks or reading Drudge Report.

Those aforementioned bells and whistles will hopefully help us continue to do that. We have some plans, but then again, we could completely fall flat on our face and have to abandon them as quickly as we started. That all depends on your feedback, which we encourage and appreciate.

PLEASE, if you'd like to share some comments below, we'd really appreciate it. Suggestions are also welcomed.


  1. Enjoy the blog. Look forward to hearing what you have up your sleeve.

    I think you should start a message board and call it something witty like "The DawgPound", or is that one already taken?

  2. So what if I own an Affliction shirt?

    Same as Ed Hardy?