Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEW!!! Shaq Goodwin and Jordan Price Highlights

If you haven't noticed the recurring basketball theme around here, count yourself as warned. Dawgola and I like to make the second half of our site's name appropriate and we feel hoops is a sport that's underappreciated by Georgia sites around the interwebs. Most folks that are regulars should notice that one of our main goals is the give the Hoop Dawg fans their fair share.

Yet another of those recurring themes you've noticed within that hoops focus is the Class of 2012, and more specifically, the front court positions in that group. Being that the state of Georgia has three top-30 guys nationally that can fill those positions, the onus is on Mark Fox to try and reel at least one of them in. Robert Carter, a 6'8 PF out of Thomasville, Tony Parker, a 6'9 C out of Miller Grover, and Shaq Goodwin, a 6'8 PF from Decatur, are the big fish in that 2012 pond.

The good word around hoops circles is that Goodwin is pretty much down to Memphis and Georgia. He says that he wants to play football as well, but if you've seen any of his "movies" - in the words of Samuel L. Jackson - you'll realize that there's a lot more MONEY and potential in the hardwood portion of the equation. He does have a football offer at both places, however.

Goodwin's teammate, Jordan Price found himself in a bit of a recruiting lull after a so-so junior season. Word is that he once considered Georgia to be a favorite, but the Dawgs seemed to back off a bit during the winter months. Well, now at just the right time, he's blowing up - big time.

Take a look at some new highlights that I found floating around Youtube. Price's performance came this weekend at an Under Armour showcase.

Videos are courtesy of COURTCRED, which is becoming yet another of the developing resources for prep basketball info.

And here's why we need Goodwin for next year. Make sure and hang around for the end, it's worth it. (Price is #1 in here and also looks very impressive - more so than when I saw him in person)

Wouldn't mind having either one (or both) of these teammates.


  1. I happen to be both a Georgia fan AND a Memphis fan - have degrees from both. Memphis is in really strong with both Goodwin AND Tony Parker. Parker recently listed his top 3 as Duke, OSU, and Memphis. He also happens to be on an unofficialy visit to Memphis with his friend and teammate Brandon Morris yesterday through Thursday. Meanwhile, Memphis already has a commitment from Damien Wilson, one of Goodwin's good friends. Goodwin was also on an unofficial visit to Memphis last week on his way home from California and lists Memphis in his top 3. It will tough for Mark Fox to beat Pastner and Memphis for any of these top guys in Georgia. Just sayin'

  2. You can't post too much hoops material for me. Keep it up.

    And yes- this recruiting class, as most have observed, is critical to Mark Fox and the program he hopes to build in Athens. Especially after already missing out on Evan Nolte for this class, and DaiJon Parker and Nick Jacobs in the last class, all of whom appeared to be fairly attainable, low-hanging fruit for us it just ratchets up the pressure on the remainder of this class.

    And for all the talk of big men, we still need a stud PG like, yesterday.