Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leonard Pope...The 'Life Aquatic' Hero.

It's always good to see a former Dawg to something besides get injured, killed, or arrested. Leonard Pope, who was attending a pool-side birthday party in Americus, GA last Saturday, did just that. Actually, he did the complete opposite of get arrested -- he literally saved someone's life.


While Pope was attending the party, a boy, named Bryson James Ross, fell into a pool without knowing how to swim. Ross is the son of Anne Moore, who is a life-long friend of Pope. Apparently, the boy fell in and started to sink, which led everyone else to scream for help. Pope then jumped into the pool -- clothes and all -- and pulled the 6-year old boy to safety. is the strangest part of the story: POPE WAS THE ONLY ONE AT THE PARTY WHO KNEW HOW TO SWIM! I mean, how is this even possible? Shouldn't the mother at least give it a shot?

Anyway, this just goes to show that the NFL Lockout can be a good thing: normally Pope would be in Kansas City (since he plays with for the Chiefs) working out at their facility.

Here is what Moore -- the mother -- said about Pope's act:

"I saw him just diving into the pool. I mean he didn't ask questions. He didn't have to know whose child it was. In exactly what he had on, he went in and it took him just a few seconds to bring him up out of the pool where he was laying..."

Another interesting point form the ESPN article: Did anyone else know that Pope's nickname was "Champ". I didn't.

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  1. Good idea. Invite a bunch of people that can't swim over for a pool party.