Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hoops Whispers, Plus Some Travis Leslie Video

Before we get to the good, juicy stuff, I thought I'd address an issue that came up a month or so ago at the NBA Draft Combine. In one of Travis Leslie's interviews, he addressed a question posed by a reporter. Specifically the question was about his game resembling Tony Allen's. I'm sure most of you already know his response, but in case you didn't, SEE BELOW:

If you care to watch the whole video, you'll get the feeling that Travis Leslie is EXTREMELY confident in his ability at the next level - almost to the point that he sounds cocky and a little offended that people compare him to Allen.

The thing about this is that I haven't really ever noticed that type of attitude about him on the court. After sitting beside his mom and brother at the hoops banquet and talking to them, I really didn't take away the opinion that Travis knew that he was going to be drafted highly. I got the feeling that he is determined to work hard and be successful in the NBA and that it wouldn't be easy for him, especially since he was coming out early.

It seems as though a lot of people got their feathers ruffled over this seemingly innocuous comment by Leslie, but I thought I'd reserve judgment until getting some context. That was probably the best idea.

And now for the stuff you wanted to hear...

Last week I spotlighted some players that might give Georgia a frontcourt boost in their 2012 class. This week it's time for the some chatter on those guys who might make up the PG position in that class.

It looks like the Dawgs currently have two guys in line for the PG position next year in newly attired Milton PG Charles Mann (formerly of Union Grove) and Calera, AL PG DeOndre Haynes. All signs point to the uber-athletic Haynes as the favorite to don the Red and Black, but there is also an outside chance that Mann could end up in Athens.

Haynes has openly stated that the Dawgs are the favored club and look for him to be in Athens this weekend for UGA's camp with his teammate, 6'8 swingman, JaCorey Williams. DeOndre has good size for a PG (6'2) and isn't afraid to attack the basket and create his own shot, but this can sometimes be his downfall. He often gets overly aggressive and then pinned without any options. That aside, if his teammate JaCorey Williams earns an offer over the weekend, I wouldn't be surprised for some pre-July 4th fireworks and a possible commitment from the duo.

As far as Mann's concerned, he's 6'5 and almost 200, but needs to work on his jumper and outside shot to really be effective in college. With a ton of length and all the fundamentals to play the 1, a little polish on this guy's shot would send his recruitment into the stratosphere. It looks like UCONN is a major player here, but the Dawgs have been really putting on the press lately. The Dawgs also have competition from FSU, Virginia Tech, and about 16 other schools.

Bottom line, 6'5 PG's dont grow on trees, this class is even thinner than usual at the position, and we are in competition with the national champs. I have heard good things, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'd be happy with either, though it looks like Haynes is the odds-on favorite to be in our 2012 class.

I'll do some work and try and dig up some info for the 2 and 3 spots next week. Maybe we'll find ourself in a situation where one of those spots is filled next week and we also have a PG sewn up as well. Hmmm...

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