Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Has South Carolina Reversed Their Jinx?

In case you're like me and haven't been exactly glued to the College World Series (despite me liking baseball), let me fill you in: South Carolina defeated Florida last night in Game 1 of the best of three championship series, which means another Cocks victory would give them back-to-back National Championships. I, for one, am getting a little alarmed by their on-field successes lately. And it's not just baseball where they have tuned the tide either. Think about it: their football team won the SEC East last season, which was the first time since joining the conference (granted they sort of back-doored their way in, but they DID have to beat Florida in the last conference game). And in the Spring, they inked the number one recruit in the nation in Jadeveon Clowney. Now, they are on the verge of winning another baseball title. What is going on here people?

I can remember South Carolina going winless in 1999 in football (I think I'm right about the year), and even the seasons that started out promising usually ended up resulting in a complete collapse. I know last year was their only flirtation with something meaningful (and by flirtation I mean getting sentenced to the guillotine by Auburn), but still...aren't they a little too good right now? I'm ready for awkward home losses to Vandy and missing out on even the crappiest of bowl games. Last year, I wasn't totally surprised that we lost to them; they had a more experienced team and we were past due to lose in Columbia (or as I call it, "Concreteville"). But I also didn't expect them to win enough games to make noise.

This year is different.  I just can't take another loss to these guys. It will be a BIIIIGGGG game for Richt no matter what happens in the Boise game. I don't mean to sound like George Bailey here but instead of "I just wanna live again!" how about "I just want South Carolina to suck again"...is that asking too much?

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  1. Since I am a bulldog living in S.C. and had to live with last year's loss I too want them to suck and by no means is it asking too much.