Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The "Football School" Excuse Just Won't Do

For some reason, the fans of certain collegiate athletic programs -- UGA possibly being one of them -- think that a school either has to be a "football school" or a "basketball school". Sure, there are a handful of random other sports for certain schools that generate a great deal of fan interest: UConn/Tennessee Women's Hoops, UGA gymnastics, and LSU baseball to name a few. But generally speaking, schools earn money for their athletic programs from football OR men's basketball -- but rarely both. There ARE certain schools however, that can put together a cash cow for both sports: Texas, Florida, and Ohio State are among the first to come to mind. I'm sure last season UGA made a small profit in men's hoops, but it has never had consistent fan interest or money-making abilities for reasons I can't decipher. Sure, it would help if we get more top recruits (as we just missed out on ANOTHER in-state guy last night, which ultimately led me to write this article) and it would also be nice if we can actually put together multiple successful seasons in a row.

It's a "chicken or the egg" argument: Do we lack fan enthusiasm in men's basketball because we can't get top players, or can we not get top players because we don't achieve consistent success. We obviously have the talent in-state to be successful, don't we?

And UGA isn't the only conundrum that comes to mind:

  • UCLA football -- Cali has tons of talent. They are easily the second (or even first) most popular program in the state. Why aren't they better?
  • Virginia men's basketball -- I mean...it's supposed to be the "best looking campus" around, it's a great school, and plays in a traditional basketball power conference. It shouldn't hurt that they are close to D.C. either, which has great high school talent. 
  • Syracuse football -- It's the only major school in a pretty talent-rich state.
  • Miami (FL) basketball -- It's good enough for Lebron. 
There are several others that you could add to the list but I'm more concerned with UGA hoops. Our football program will not stay down long (at least I hope not) but our basketball program is dying to be good, and yet being a UGA basketball fan is like being in a small cult. 

I could go into another rant (which I will probably do in the near future) on how basketball recruiting is arguably a shadier business than football, but then I would just be making excuses. I hate to write scathing basketball articles in back-to-back days, but I think for our program to be consistently good, a little off-season criticism and concern can't hurt. 


  1. Well, yeah, you have to criticize the men's basketball program - certainly not the women's basketball program - at UGA.

    Both are suffering frankly from the gym. It is way too small, way too old and built to be a cow palace. I don't like it, never have and never will. Saw some concerts there as a student and if you sat in front of the stage, could really enjoy it. Problem is, the seats are nowhere near the stage.

    Bad design. And, too small to sustain a top-notch program. It hurts in recruiting with gyms all over The SEC far bigger, newer, and better.

    That's the problem; although frankly it was an exciting men's basketball season last year. More so for the women, again under Andy Landers.

    There has been a lot of talk about BASEBALL at Georgia and at Georgia tek, and by Georgia tek fans about how they say the ACC is better than The SEC in baseball.

    Rosenblatt stadium saw 25 SEC teams advance to the College World Series there, out of 26 seasons.

    Balmy weather has faced SEC teams this season, in the new stadium downtown Omaha.

    South Carolina, winner of the last College World Series and winners of 13 Consecutive CWS baseball games, is looking to go back-to-back. Of course, LSU won the CWS the year before last. The SEC has Won the last 2 CWS in a row.

    ACC North Carolina clobbered by SEC Vanderbilt’s 3 Home Runs tonight, 5-1. ACC North Carolina eliminated.

    ACC North Carolina had been punched in the face to start the CWS by SEC Florida 7-3 opening day.

    5-1 SEC Vanderbilt over ACC North Carolina.

    Last night, it was hilarious listening to the ESPN announcers trying to make the ACC sound so great. Virginia only lost 10 games all year long and won 55, they gushed. Aberration they proclaimed when South Carolina scored 3 quick runs in the 1st inning aided by several ACC Virginia errors, and just exciting clutch hitting, knocking in runners from 1st first base when he had gotten on base by a simple routine ground ball to 3rd, only to watch the 3rd baseman for the ACC turn his body to the side not get behind the ball and then missed the grounder having it glance off him and too far away to throw him out. The next batter hit a ball on a rope above the 2nd sacker’s head and South Carolina’s runner scored all the way from 1st never slowing down. ACC had gotten the 1st two outs of the game, only to watch batter after batter after batter get RBI hits to end the game in the 1st inning, all with 2 outs. The game was over 5 minutes into the opening stanza. ESPN announcers proclaimed, Virginia will not give up another run and will get right back into this game, over the course of the game.

    Funny thing happened along their comeback trail with the aberration of the 1st inning and all the timely clutch hitting of South Carolina. Oh that South Carolina batter can’t hit. He has not hit all season, and boom another run for South Carolina in 3rd inning. This South Carolina hitter cannot hit they proclaimed in the 4th inning. He too produced on cue, as if he had been told what they said on ESPN about him, too. 2 more runs this 4th inning and the game was broken open 6 to nothing. A solo shot by Virginia was all they could muster as Virginia sent their hitters to the plate with their inflated batting averages playing no one.

    7-1 final SEC South Carolina walloped ACC cupcake-playing Virginia.

  2. SEC South Carolina with Carolina only across their chests, also whacked Big XII Texas A&M.

    SEC Florida pummeled ACC North Carolina 7-3.

    Previously, both Texas and Texas A&M were eliminated as well.

    SEC Florida thwacked Big XII Texas, doubling them up 8-4.

    ACC had 2 CWS teams, Big XII had 2 CWS teams, PAC-12 had 1 CWS teams and The Mighty SEC has 3 CWS teams, all intact as we speak with the lone loss by any of The Mighty SEC teams a loss to another SEC team.

    SEC Florida now faces SEC Vanderbilt with the winner to the College World Series Final Best of 3 series 2 pm Eastern Friday ESPN and ESPN3.

    SEC South Carolina waits to see whom they will play to then face off against an SEC team either Florida or Vanderbilt in the CWS Final Best of 3 series Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, next week all at 8 pm on ESPN and ESPN3. I went to ESPN3 and watched a game on the Internet the other day; it is great.

    ACC Virginia’s Strength of Schedule is # 41 this morning after playing all these great SEC teams.

    Georgia Bulldogs SEC have the nation’s # 1 toughest Strength of Schedule and did well this season.

    Georgia Bulldogs SEC have distinguished themselves in postseason play. We’re 15-9 in regional games, 6-2 in super regionals and 6-6 in the CWS.

    Georgia tek absolutely sucks in NCAA baseball tournament play, super regionals and in the CWS, mostly at the hands of UGA.

    Georgia tek ACC had the nation’s # 33 easiest cupcake-filled Strength of Schedule this season, and Lost to Georgia at Turner Field, yet again this year. Georgia is so far ahead in this baseball series all-time with Georgia tek as to render the discussion on the numbers, moot.

    Just thought you should know with all the chest-thumping around here by ACC cupcake-playing teams, who the dominate Conference is, has been, and will be in college baseball’s College World Series.

    Vote for UGA our beloved mascot Bulldog, not sure which UGA is pictured, vs Notre Dame’s weird pre-game FAKE touching of the sign coming out of the locker-room Play like a champion, where their players come out and act like they are touching the sign. Give me a break, UGA when a replacement is chosen, is a far better Tradition in college football, and the # 1 mascot in the world for any Sport, even in movies.

    VOTE NOW # 8 UGA vs # 1 Notre Dame ( #1 ? )

    The vote is very close 51 percent UGA 49 % fake feigning of touching Notre Dame sign. What ? Can’t they repaint the sign ? Can’t they put a piece of clear plastic or glass over it so they don’t have to repaint it ? Lame Notre Dame. Lame.

    VOTE NOW : http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/post/_/id/6681916/1-notre-dame-vs-8-georgia