Monday, June 27, 2011

Brent Benedict Gone - DEFCON 1 for UGA O-Line

Any chance of me being optimistic about our upcoming season just took a big hit. The fact that Brent Benedict has decided to leave the team doesn't bother me. I mean, as part of our countdown last week, I pointed out that he was damaged goods; anyone who was honest with themselves knew the chances of him making a giant impact were very slim because of his previous injuries. But at least he would have been a hunk of meat to put out there is case of emergencies.

Now, with BB's departure, our offensive line depth is near nonexistent. Well...we have guys but they either have zero experience and/or are walk-ons. Here is my projected depth chart at O-line:

LT: Cordy Glenn
LG: Kenarious Gates
C: Ben Jones
RG: Chris Burnette
RT: Bean Anderson

Well, that's not too bad, save for one caveat: you better hope none of these starters get hurt in the fall. And quite frankly, thinking we will suffer NO MORE casualties between now and the first game is like saying 1964 Raquel Welch was ugly -- it's unfounded, dishonest, and ridiculous.

Just look at our current number two guys:

LT: Hugh Williams (???)
LG: Kolton Houston
C: Ben Reynolds (a walk-on, though Burnette would most likely move over if Jones got hurt)
RG: Dallas Lee (Really?)
RT: Austin Long (good to know he's still alive)

In case you can't weed through my sardonically-laced thoughts, let me put it another way concerning our offensive line: WE'RE EFFED IF A STARTER GOES DOWN.

As for BB's reasons for leaving, rumors are circulating all over twitter and elsewhere. Most claim he had serious disagreements concerning our S&C program. Let me be the first to say I'm not surprised. After talking to a parent of one of the current players at G-Day, I can tell you that not all of the players are completely "on board". Anyway, we better hope that some of these incoming freshmen linemen can make an immediate im.....never mind that thought that was too far-fetched. And I haven't even gotten to the Jarvis Jones accusations yet...

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