Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Adams Commits: So What Now For the Dawgs?

Jordan Adams' commitment elsewhere wasn't a surprise last night. Dawgola and I had heard late in the day that he had Westwood in mind and that turned out to be true in the end. His comments during the commitment sure didn't leave me with a glowing feeling (almost verbatim):

"(After talking about Miami and Memphis) I always liked Georgia growing up. I thought I'd be wearing a Georgia uniform when I was a little kid. But... I'm taking my talents to the west coast."

After hearing that, you have to realize what a big deal that Korey McCray was to Adams. I guess you should count that as a heady hire by Ben Howland considering UCLA (or any west coast program for that matter) virtually never digs a kid out of Atlanta.

Alright Mark Fox, now it's time for you to hire someone from the Georgia Stars (j/k, but seriously).

Whenever you hear a kid commit elsewhere, there's always the "Well, I didn't think he was that good. On to the next one. He looked out of shape. Not a big-time D-1 player." These people couldn't be more wrong about Adams. He is a big-time scorer and is deceptively athletic. I would have been tickled pink to pick up this guy.

Sour grapes, I guess for them.

The biggest deal now is Shaq Goodwin. He's best friends and AAU teammates with Adams - it was thought a no-brainer to some that Goodwin would follow Jordan to Memphis, should he commit there. It's still a very good possibility, but I see a little less glimmer at Memphis now for Goodwin. Just FYI, Damien Wilson was publicly lambasted last night because he couldn't bring Adams to Memphis (and subsequently deleted his twitter account). Stay classy Memphis fans.

So then there's the UCLA and Georgia options. I've spoken with Shaq's mom before (I was unaware at the time), but I don't get the impression that "her baby" would head out to California with his buddy. A bridge too far. While I wouldn't completely rule out UCLA, I'm certainly more worried about Memphis at this point, and it seems like they may have a little less momentum than prior to Adams' commitment.

So it makes sense to me that Goodwin would choose Georgia. Then again, it always would. Let's face it - I'm a homer. I once marched through The Arches and across the hallowed ground of North Campus, across the bridge and by Rucker Hall, up and down Ag Hill. It makes sense to me, but I'm not a 17 year-old with about 50 schools beating down my door and about 15 sketchy "advisors" wanting a way in.

We need Goodwin. I feel confident that Fox has made him a priority in this class. He knows that he's wanted in Athens. We have unparalleled facilities. People aren't getting shot up and you can walk around the city without fearing for your safety. I sure hope that distance is a factor and someone realizes that the only thing good about Memphis is that...well... is there anything good about Memphis?


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