Thursday, June 2, 2011

93 Days: Abry Jones

Teach me how to Dougie Abry...
(photo courtesy of the AJC - HERE)
 It's day number seven of the most beloved preseason countdown in Bulldog country and it just so happens that today's position is held down by "The Northside Nightmare", No. 93 on the roster and No. 1 on your list of "Players You'd Most Likely Hear A Random Bandwagoner Next to You in Sanford Call a Restaurant". Well, I guess that sometimes people just have difficulty with the assemblage of the consonants in Arrrrb.... uh.... Abry's name.

In light of this egregious enunciative error, let's take some time to ensure the Dawg Nation has it's solid syllabic footing before the countdown continues.

ar' - bee


AY - bree

Basically, and I know you want to, but don't think about Beef N' Cheddars at the same time you are watching the defensive line this season. Well, that or either the 63 sauces they offer with your sandwich of choice... mmmmm.... delicious.

You can look forward to seeing a lot of Horsey Sauce Abry this season terrorizing quarterbacks this season as he's manning the DE position opposite DeAngelo Tyson. 6'3 and 309 is a whole lotta beef out there and I look for the Warner Robins native to have a breakout year.

With, hopefully (fingers crossed), a lot more focus on the 1-technique (Geathers/Jenkins) by the center and guard, our ends should freed up to make some plays- Abry included. I'm really high on Jones- actually my bold prediction for the year is - get ready for it - 2nd Team ALL-SEC.

Next up: No. 92, Dexter Morant

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