Friday, June 3, 2011

92 Days: Dexter Morant

No, it isn't Herman Cain...
If you're just joining our little countdown to Bronco breaking, it's only 92 short days until the Dawgs make their way to Atlanta for the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff game.

Today's spotlight is on redshirt freshman Dexter Morant, who hails from the burgeoning metropolis of Manning, SC. Actually, I was kidding about the burgeoning and metropolis parts, as the county seat of Clarendon county actually lost 2% of it's population from the 2000 census. It's now at 3943 - just in case you care.

Moving on to the important issues at hand...

If you were unaware, Dexter left the program for about 15 minutes last August, only to return shortly thereafter. People say it was because Morant lost the desire to play and was homesick. But why, do you ask, did he really leave? Well....

Dexter was actually taking a break from being unstoppable (like his hero Kenny Powers) and flying around the Sun. Things got a little sketchy when Superman told him that he was encroaching on his turf, so a fisticuffs ensued.

The resulting coronal mass ejection, which Matt Drudge got wind of, was labeled as a normal occurence of solar flares. Dexter wasn't offended because the media would never report that Superman got b!tchslapped by a 19 year-old kid. Plus, Lex Luthor would get word of this and be all over DM's nuts to figure out how he successful made The Man of Steel's shorts all pissy.

Morant has the measurables at 6'7 240, but is going to need some quality practice reps this fall if he's going to see any meaningful snaps. Because of the shoulder injury, which was operated on this spring, he's a little behind where he should be considering the time he's already spent in Athens.

We really need someone to step up to provide depth at OLB, but who will take the initiative? Ray Drew, T.J. Stripling, Reuben Faloughi, Morant? There are a lot of bodies with talent, but are there capable football players?

We'll see...

Next up: No. 91, Wait a minute... there isn't a 91 - ANYTHING IS POOOOSSSSSIIBLLEEEE!!!!

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