Monday, June 6, 2011

89 Days: Bruce Figgins

6'4, 265 pounds... Good size for a fullback.

After a lineup of defensive lineman and a couple smatterings of special teams folks over the last week and a half, we're starting to get into the meat of the schedule. It's time for some of the skill position players to start joining the party.

We're now at day 11 of the march to the 2011 season. That means that we've arrived today at No. 89, which is proudly worn by newly minted H-back, Bruce Figgins. If you're unfamiliar at what the term H-back means, take a look at the video below. There's a really nice brief on what the nomenclature stands for.

Hold on a sec, yeah... well I guess that was the "Welcome Triple-H Back" video that I was watching a little earlier today. Oh well... you'll have to fend for yourself on this one.

Despite the earlier trouble in Bruce's career, he looks like he's learned from the past mistakes. He'll get a really good opportunity to show his flexibility this year with his move to the backfield. He is actually listed as a fullback, but with his ability to catch the ball and run in space, I think you'll see him doing some very unique things this year.

Because of the rare situation we have with 3 (and potentially up to 5) extremely talented TE's and an unproven WR corps, I feel pretty confident that you'll see quite a few 3 tight end sets. This is a pretty unique formation in football, but may be the future competition for "the spread offense". HERE is a very, very good read on an offense based around the 3 TE set. 

Considering Figgins' proclivity at catching passes and blocking, I think it was a very natural move for him. I look for this TE/H-back group of Figgins, White, Lynch, Charles, and incoming freshman super-recruit Jay Rome to be the easily the best TE grouping in the country. If we don't see at least 1000 receiving yards out of our TEs, I'll be surprised.

Call me crazy, but you have to use your weapons - and the Fearsome Fivesome are some mighty good ones.


Next up: No. 88, Arthur Lynch

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