Tuesday, June 7, 2011

88 Days: Arthur Lynch

One thing UGA will not be lacking this year is a tight end. Actually, we might even see the very first "5-tight end" set given how many options we have. Even with Bruce Figgins moving to fullback, Lynch still sits third on the depth chart at TE, and that is not counting incoming freshman, Jay Rome, who will most likely play next season.

The big difference for Lynch this season from '09 (remember he redshirted last year) is his size. I was astounded at G-Day when I saw how much bulkier the guy was (which was one reason he redshirted last season). He is now listed at 6'5 272, which makes him much bigger than either Orson Charles or Aron White. This should almost guarantee him ample playing time, as he will be called on to run-block and will be a nice, big target in the pass game. I suspect he will be used more often inside the red zone when we can use Charles and White as decoys.

Lynch is a guy that I will be very interested to watch this year. I think he will turn into a very valuable player for us the next few seasons (he's only a sophomore this year), as most tight ends in Richt's system do.

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