Wednesday, June 8, 2011

87 Days: Reuben Faloughi

Reuben doing a little swimmin'...

Yes, it's that time of day again folks. Time for your daily Dawg countdown to the 2011 season featuring one of those guys that you'll most likely cuss under your breath at least once heap inordinate amounts of praise upon for spectacular play at some point this season. It's the 13th day of the rundown and in case you've missed any of our prior episodes, feel free to dig through the archive ***---> HERE <----*** (We do appreciate the pageviews, you hooligans).

We find ourselves at No. 87 today, which is proudly worn by one of my favorite players, Reuben Faloughi (#95 last season). He's one of my favorites because:
  • A. He plays ALLOT. (Just kidding)
  • B. It's funny to hear people stammer over his last name. It's just like AR - bee Jones (our day 93). C'mon MAN, it's FAH - LO - GEE.
  • C. He's a walk-on that earned his scholarship from his play on the field. He was a walk-on, who had a full ride from HARVARD (and a bunch of other schools I'm pretty certain).
  • D. He's a pretty smart guy. SEE "C" ABOVE.
Seriously though, Reuben is really one of my favorite guys to watch out there. He worked his tail off to find a spot at the university he loved growing up. Can't be much more of a DGD than that.

With a little more proven depth that what we'll have this year, Big Reub didn't see a ton of action last year. In his 9 games worth of action, he made two tackles and .5 TFL. One of those tackles each came against Louisiana-Lafayette and Idaho St. I think you'll likely see a little bit more of the 6'5 255-pound sophomore.

Considering that Houston has left for "greener" (although the green decreased his greenery in the long run) and we aren't particularly sure what we're getting in USC transfer Jarvis Jones, Cornelius Washington, and incoming freshman Ray Drew, depth is an issue at OLB. Reuben won't have a problem providing that and I be one of the few in the crowd cheering for him to break out.

And I'll be chanting...



Next up: No. 86, Wait, damn... we'll have to use our imagination again.

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