Thursday, June 9, 2011

86 Days: OR...86 Years Ago

Well, we don't exactly have a No. 86 for this upcoming season (unless one of the incoming freshmen wears it) so I decided to take a look back in UGA history. Eighty-six years ago, the 1925 UGA football team, under head coach George Woodruff, completed one of the least interesting seasons I've seen. In fact, out of their nine games, five resulted in either UGA or their opponent getting shutout. WOW, what excitement that must have been. We finished the season 4-5, got shutout the last two games of the season, and it was Woodruff's only losing season at UGA.

Here are the schedule and results from the '25 season:

As you can see, the 3-0 loss to Tech (the first time we had played them since 1916) coupled with a ROAD game against Mercer, signifies exactly how long ago this took place. (Interestingly, Woodruff's last season resulted in us finishing 9-1 (in 1927) BUT we lost to Tech 12-0 in the season finale...yikes).

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  1. Mercer football resumes in 2013. Get ready to fork over some cash for wins from your private school neighbor to the south.