Sunday, June 12, 2011

83 Days: Cornelius Washington

Really hope Corny lowers the boom
on this clown next time.
Ah, finally a day that we can talk about a member of the team and I don't have to make up some silly conglomeration of facts/nuggets about the number that coincides with the days left until we beat up on that wannabe with a gimmicky home field from the northwest. Seriously,  it's time that the Dawgs get back some of the respect they've lost in the last few years.

If we do happen to win that game, there's a certain No. 83 who will have a lot to do with that. Conveniently, we also find ourselves at 83 days until kickoff, making this officially Cornelius Washington's day on the countdown to cobalt crushing.

Even though it seems like there's enough motivation on the football field to get yourself jacked for a game, CW doesn't get all too excited from the on-field build up. He finds another motivation...

"Yeah well my parents named me after Yukon Cornelius, you know, the guy from the Rudolf movie. When you're a kid around Christmas and all your friends are watching that movie and then they start chanting 'YUUUUU-KON CORNEL-E-US... YUUUUU-KON CORNEL-E-US....' and pointing and laughing at you, well you pretty much hate Christmas and all of the hokey Santa Claus related paraphernalia associated with it... well except for the real Reason for the Season. 

"That (the baby Jesus) is really the only thing that keeps me from ripping the head off of every opposing player on the football field. Steven Garcia and Kellen Moore this year, well, I can't even say that that is going help me retain my will to rip their face off. 

"I just imagine that they're one of those kids in grammar school and...." (Slams head through coffee table and throws the couch he's sitting on through the wall to his right. Then turns around and runs through the opening in the wall while screaming "GREATEST PROSPECTOR IN THE NORTH MY A$$.... WAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOO..."

I think Cornelius got a little fire in the belly after being overshadowed last season by Justin Houston. This little piece by Emerson over at Bulldogs Blog pretty much assures me of that. Considering everyone seems to be talking about Jarvis Jones and incoming freshman Ray Drew, I look for that to again be the case this year.

Washington is 6'5 and 260, and can supposedly run a 4.39-forty (Let's not forget Vance Cuff's reported 4.25 at UGA and a subsequent 4.5 at the combine), so it's pretty obvious that he has the speed... Okay, all jokes aside, CW is a hell of an athlete and SHOULD be an opposing presence on the opposite side of the line for QB's in the SEC. I hope he plays with some reckless abandon and really shoots up the board this season. I really like the kid, as he's humble and he's one heckofagood Dawg.

I wanna see some more of that guy who was all over the place last season when we played the Cocks. He sure has the ability.


Next Up: No. 82 Michael "White Lightnin'" Bennett


  1. I gotta believe we're stacked at linebacker this year.

    Much more pressure on opposing offenses brought to bear by our D line this year over last will limit the pressure they can put on our D backs, so our defense ought to be awesome, at least among the three best in the SEC if not the best.

    If Crowell doesn't emulate Herschel out of the gate, our defense should buy him time enough to develop as the season progresses.

    It would be cool if Crowell hits his pace about October 29!

  2. It would be cool if Crowell hits his stride about 8:17 p.m. on September 3rd, while he's galloping down the sidelines for an 80-yard TD, but I get your point.

    We may have about 6 losses by that point if we can't get a running game going.